How To Calm Down A Dog On Fireworks Night

Do you know how to calm down a dog in the event of fireworks or storms? How about a dog that is filled with fear and panic?

If you have a dog that is afraid of fireworks, knowing how to calm down a dog is an essential skill that not everyone knows how to do. Being an animal communicator for years, I’ve learned many different ways to calm down a dog, with varying degrees of success. I only keep and use the techniques that work really well, like this one. The one I’m going to teach you in this post is the simplest, and it’s very effective.

How to soothe your dog’s panic

I’ve spent the last few posts talking about pets’ fear of fireworks and other loud noises. This terrible panic can overwhelm your pets and even cost them their life.

Not mention the panic that you as their caretaker endure, along with the fear, worry, dread, and frustration that can cause.

One of my favorite techniques for helping to calm animals who are in shock and can’t think clearly, or are hugely overstimulated, is this.

I call it the Feel My Hand Technique.

(I teach this and many other wonderful healing techniques in the Advanced Animal Talk Mastery Course along with many other animal communication techniques).

It’s especially useful for animals who are in shock, who are so filled with fear that they have lost track of where they are; they’re lost in their head, possibly injured, and are severely hyperstimulated and disconnected.

I once saved the lives of two three-month-old bobcat cubs using this technique.

And I also used it with huge success with an abused school horse, and with so many other cases too! But those are stories for another day.

One of my clients used it with their out of control, fear-stricken dog. They were afraid she would have a heart attack, which often happens when an animal is frightened out of their mind.

The dog only felt slightly more safe in the bathtub, so they crouched there alongside her for hours as she trembled like a leaf, crying and panted like a bellows.

Before they tried the Feel My Hand Technique, the dog would normally stay in the tub for hours, sometimes even days…, as long as the noise continued, which could be all night (or even multiple nights). It was a nightmare situation for them.

How To Calm Down A Dog On Fireworks Night

How to calm down a dog: the Feel My Hand Technique really works!

But after they tried my healing technique?

As a result, within just a few minutes, their pet was calmer and breathing more normally. They survived another fireworks event, with much less stress and anxiety, for them and their pet.

So how does this calm down technique work?

For instance, it’s helpful to begin doing this at other times when your dog is not in a panic, so they can more easily relax into it once they know what you’re doing and how it feels. But if they are in a full-blown fear state and unable to calm down, then it will help then too.

The 7 Steps of the Feel My Hand Technique work like this:

1) If the pet is conscious, ask permission to touch them.

Speak out loud in a soft loving voice, not so loud that you’re yelling at them and not so soft that they can’t hear you over their panic state.

If they are not conscious (maybe they are in a coma just like the bobcat cubs were), then ask them out loud or in your mind: “May I touch you?”

Getting their permission is important. They need to be aware of you on some level, and willing to connect, to let you near them.

2) When you feel or sense a response from them indicating that yes, that would be okay, place your hand somewhere on their body and feel their body and energy.

Let yourself connect deeply. Let your energy merge with theirs. Notice how their body feels, their warmth (or coolness). Notice the energy flowing in their body, where it is strong, and where it is weak.

Take this moment to find your own peace within so you can share it with them.

3) Ask them to feel your hand.

Then wait until you sense that their awareness has shifted to your hand.

You may feel more warmth if the area was cold or numb before, or a normalizing of over heated areas. As you continue you’ll notice that the agitated energy begins to smooth out and settle.

You may not notice much at this point and that’s okay. Be patient and stay with it.

4) Calmly, confidently, and patiently wait for them to respond energetically.

Breath deeply, feel your own peace, and relax.  Mentally connect with your hand, or listen for them to tell you they can feel your hand.

5) Tell them, “Thank you.”

6) Lift your hand slowly and calmly, then move to a new spot on their body.

Do steps 2 – 5 again.

7) Repeat the process.

Your animal will be calmer and more settled, and their breathing will change to be more normal as they calm down.

Anyone can do this.

For more tips on how to calm down a dog, check out this post, and this post.

How To Calm Down A Dog On Fireworks Night

Try it right now with your pet and see what happens, for you AND for them.

Now is the perfect time to teach yourself how to calm down a dog who is scared or panicking. Seriously, even if they aren’t terrified right now—begin practicing right now so you both get the hang of it and you’ll be ready to spring into action the next time there’s a fireworks night or a thunderstorm or unsettling noise.

There is always room for more peace and calm in our lives, right?

Because once you’ve figured out how this feels, when they are calm and can connect with you when they’re thinking straight, you’ll have a much better chance of helping them when they’re freaking out.

Observe all the things that are happening for both of you as you practice the technique. What changes? How do you feel before, during, and after?

More importantly, how do they feel? What do they do? How do they respond? Notice everything, and notice all the differences that occur every time you use the technique. All this information will help you master this technique and be a true ally to your pet.

Helping your animal’s body calm down is only half the puzzle.

Helping their mind to heal is the next step in solving this worrisome problem that will take your pets healing to a much deeper level.

So you won’t have to worry about them with fireworks (or thunder or other noise phobias) ever again.

I have an even better solution for you below that will make a HUGE difference in healing their mind as well as their body.

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Ok, Wow, love your article…..I’m going to try YOUR feel my hand technique- although I think without knowing it most of us already try to use this method. But now we have a name for it “Valheart Feel My Hand Calming Technique for Dogs”. FYI years ago when I volunteered at the local environmental centers the guy I worked under said he loved LONG titles so I guess that kinda got embedded into me and now long titles ROCK! Sorry if I renamed it. I do love that your more or less asking your dog permission to feel your hand. How important since a lot of dogs do not like being touched and can react negatively! Can’t wait to read more of your blogs- oh I shared your blog post on LI-Dog fb page.

Thanks, Pamela!! Long titles rock as long as they are GOOD ones, eh? Let us know how it goes, ok? I’ve heard from others who tried the Feel My Hand Heart Technique and they LOVED it. Worked like a charm. Thank you too for sharing with others – more dog lovers need to know this!! BIG hugs, Val

Val Heart

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