Do You Want Healthier, Happier, Better Behaved Animals Along With a Deeper Understanding and Connection?

The Amazing Thing Is The Speed At Which the One Heart System Works. It’s Remarkable That Val Can Solve All Kinds of Problems With Pets In a Consultation!

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Animal communication is the FIRST place to start with any problem, because it gives your animal a chance to be heard.

And that can make all the difference in world!

Your pet’s viewpoint is uniquely theirs, and until we truly understand them, we can’t truly know how to best help them. Even if you’ve tried other animal communicators and different approaches were disappointed, don’t give up. They simply didn’t have the experience, training or expertise to help you resolve the issues between you.

However, you also need to know that often animal communication just isn’t enough to fully resolve every issue.

That’s why Val created The Heart System, 5 Steps for Solving Problems With Pets.

After we understand your animal’s unique viewpoint, then we can go about resolving problems — with their cooperation, feedback, input and full participation.

Unlike other animal communicators, Val has an extensive background in training, performance and healing, so whatever you and your animal’s needs are she can help facilitate your return to balance.

If Val could wave a magic wand during your session, what would you like to have happen as a result of working with her? What would be different in your life if you had that?

In Val’s extensive experience, the people who get the best results from her work are those who want to become fully present through enhanced conscious awareness, enjoy deeper understandings of themselves and all their relationships, who want to enjoy soul level communication and heart centered connections with the animals in their lives, and who understand that this work is a critical part of staying balanced, healthy and living a good life.

Private Consultations:

Bestselling author, speaker and teacher, Val has unlocked the secret to more than just communicating with animals but also acting on that communication to overcome health, behavior and performance issues together. Her proprietary 5 step H.E.A.R.T. System™ teaches you how to listen to your pet, work with your animal in partnership to solve problems together and develop an ever more meaningful spiritual connection.

When her clients and students work or train with her, they experience deeper spiritual connection, peace of mind and sense of meaning. They have clarity about taking the right action steps to take with resources and innovative solutions to solve problems with their animals. They have a greater conscious awareness, deeper heart connection, and often enjoy a spiritual awakening through the process.

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Choose the Private Consulting Plan that’s right for you and your animal(s):

What Is My Pet Trying To Tell Me? Animal Communication and Problem Solving

Get Healing! BodyTalk for Animals & People, Animal Reiki, Intuitive Medical Scanning

Help Me Find My Lost Pet! If Your Animal Is Missing, Then Let’s Find Them Now

Help My Show Horse or Dog Achieve Their True Potential

Mentor Me So I Can Improve My Animal Communication Skills

Help Me Build My Professional Animal Communicator Business

Val’s comprehensive services include:

When you work with Val, you gain access to her successful proprietary methods and a comprehensive service through her powerful toolkit for change.

  • Animal communication using the proprietary HEART of the Conversation 7 Step Blueprint for successful communication with animals — it works with every animal, every time! (you can learn how too! click here)
  • The Heart System™ – 5 easy steps for solving problems with animals 
  • The BodyTalk Healing System and Quantum Leap BodyMind Balancing — both powerful, state of the art energy modalities for healing
  • Intuitive Medical Scanning for people and animals
  • Pre-purchase guidance (do this BEFORE writing that big check or getting your next animal!  You’ll be so glad you did…)
  • Healing abuse and trauma with rescue, shelter and fostered animals
  • Behavior, training support through customized individual guidance
  • Assistance with euthanasia decisions and easing the pain of transition
  • Reconnecting with loved ones in the afterlife
  • Ghost busting including clearing hauntings and removing entity possessions
  • and much more…

She isn’t the least expensive animal consultant or master healer — but she IS the most versatile, experienced and effective.

Is working with Val a good fit for you and your animal?
Let’s find out.

If you are:

* A spiritually minded seeker, who is passionate about improving your animal’s long-term health, happiness and well-being as well as your own…

* Willing to consider how your animal’s behavior and health reflects your own…

* Ready for a long-term resolution to your animal’s problems, as well as assistance in balancing your own life, relationships and health…

* Willing to become more fully present by enhancing your conscious awareness, so you can enjoy a deeper understanding of yourself, your animals, and the world around you…

* Want to enjoy heart to heart, mind to mind communication with animals, along with deeper clarity on how to communicate and develop your own skills and abilities…

* An agent of change, with a big heart, feeling guided to make a difference in the lives of animals…


Then you are ready for Val to help you bridge the gap between where you are now to where you want to be.

Whether you are struggling with a training or behavior problem, a health issue, or just want to improve your relationship with your animals, Val can help.

Because once we know what your animal is thinking, we’ll know what to do to resolve problems, rebalance at the body mind and spirit levels, reconnect, heal and enjoy a deeper heart centered communion.

Talking with your animals is the best place to start resolving problems. Val can help you with better understanding, advanced energetic healing, improving performance in the show ring, resolving training and behavior issues, easing the pain of dying, reconnecting in the Afterlife, and much much more

Success Stories

  • Spending time talking to Val about my dog, Stella, turned out to be very enlightening, fun and more productive than the many trips to the vet have ever been.

    I contacted Val because I was concerned about Stella’s chronic urinary tract infections and allergies and I needed to know if there was anything Stella wanted me to know about her health or general well being. Val provided me with so much insight on my dog, that I could not possibly list it all here.

    For instance, she pin pointed specific problems with her food, and since switching her diet, we have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of yeast on her skin and a lot less scratching.

    She’s also much happier and more vibrant, and her fur even looks cleaner. Val also sensed some back pain in Stella and advised she have a chiropractic alignment. With that, we no longer need the pain medication that the vet had prescribed for what they assumed was “spinal arthritis.”

    In addition to all the health advice that was SO helpful, it was fun to hear what Val had to say about Stella’s emotional well being. She described Stella’s personality perfectly and when I asked if my kids bother her to much, it was fun to hear what Stella had to say: “it’s ok. I know they love me.”

    I am certain that I will work with Val again in the future, and I would recommend her to anyone who has questions about their animals!  ~ JoAnn Finger, Stella’s Mom

    My Dog Stella is SO Much Better! Enlightening, Fun and More Productive Than Many Trips to the Vet North Bergen, NJ, US
  • Grand Prix Dream Horse’s Mystery Lameness and Bad Attitude Turned Around In ONE Session!
    I finally got my dream horse – an 11 year old Grand Prix dressage Andalusian stallion – and from day 1 I had problems! He arrived from across the country stressed and upset at his new environment and at leaving his prior trainers’. Then, he foundered as a result of gelding surgery a couple of weeks later and nothing we tried helped him heal.

    Desperate to help my horse I turned to Val for the first time. I could not believe what happened in just one session! She was able to quickly and confidently get the information we needed to help treat him properly. Plus, we tapped into what he needed from me as his new partner.

    Feeling hope for the first time I immediately practiced what Val taught me and within ONE session with him that same day we were on the road to recovery and to a new partnership. Since then, Val’s sessions have helped me learn how to ride passage, piaffe and to continue to create an amazing partnership with this extraordinary horse.

    Val’s work has changed my life with this horse — and with ALL of my horses — forever! I continue to get regular sessions with her, as I’m eager to understand what my horses are trying to tell me. Thank you Val for saving my horse and for saving my relationship with him… my horses thank you, to

    Kendall SummerHawk Tucson, AZ, USA
  • I set up a session with Val when my cat Abraham (Abie) deteriorated suddenly from what I assumed was the arthritis he had been diagnosed with a year earlier.

    Almost overnight he was barely able to move and when he did he growled from pain. He would eat only when I brought his dishes of food and water to his mouth. (Fortunately, he somehow made it to his litter box.) In addition, he quickly developed the symptoms of a cold. I could tell he was in abject misery and I was concerned that he would be permanently incapacitated.

    Val said she felt Abie was having a reaction to the routine vaccinations that he had received several months earlier and that his whole body was inflamed. Because of the arthritis, Val told me that Abie’s immune system was compromised and that he shouldn’t have received the vaccines.

    Before the session was over, Val gently used BodyTalk to help bring some quick relief to Abie.

    Two days after the session with Val, my husband called me at work and said he had found Abie sitting on our living room rug with our other cat Sylvia. Abie got up and walked from our bedroom into the living room to sit on his favorite wool rug by the couch. He would have had to walk a ways to get there. We’re amazed because the night before he was having a hard time even turning around.

    A miraculous feat! I don’t really consider myself skeptical but I was shocked by the sudden turn of events. I realized it was a sign that he would heal completely — and he has. Ten weeks later Abie is doing wonderfully and back to his old self.

    I am so grateful for Val and her gifts as a healer and a teacher. It has changed my life. I recommend her to anyone that has a pet. You’ll learn more than you could ever imagine.


    Restoring My Cat Abie from Death's Door to Health and Quick Relief Austin, TX