Common Questions, Facts and Tips on Preparing for Your Session

This page should answer most of your questions.  Please read and also check the Session Preparation page before emailing or calling.

How long does it typically take to get a session with Val?

Val’s schedule often fills up weeks in advance. She keeps a wait list of clients who will be offered earlier times IF they become available. To get on her wait list, first invest in a session with her, and you will be given access to her online schedule. Choose the first available opening that works for you. In the comments box, write “Put Me On Your Wait List” and explain why you need to get in as soon as possible. She and her team will do what they can to accommodate your needs, but ultimately they cannot promise you will be able to move up in the queue. Because her schedule is so full, she is not available for emergency work.

Does Val locate lost or missing animals or person?

Val does not work with lost animals as she does not feel that this work is one of her strengths. She does, however, recommend Tim Link. You can find out more about his lost/missing animal sessions here. Many of her clients have reported wonderful experiences with him.

Can Val connect with deceased loved ones?

Yes. Val has found that connecting with a Spirit on the other side is the same whether they were in human or animal form. We are sorry to hear that you may be dealing with the loss of your animal friend(s). Please accept our sympathies, We do understand the heartache of losing a loved one. And we find that’s especially true with the loss of our animal friends… Animal’s spirits do go on, and it is possible for Val to communicate with them. It can be very important to reconnect, ask the questions left on your heart, hear what they need to tell us in order for you to have closure and to help you find peace about what happened. It is sometimes appropriate to do a Closure Process to help you find peace and completion with what has happened.

Can Val help with hauntings by ghosts, entities or other psychic phenomenon?

Yes. Val is often called on to help with hauntings with great success.

Can Val predict my future?

Val is not a fortune teller or seer. Although she can often offer guidance as to the best potential course of action to get the results you are looking for, she does not use her skills to predict the future. Instead, she prefers to help empower you create your own future in the present.

Does Val offer discounted or pro bono sessions?

Val does not offer pro-bono sessions or discounts on her time. However in lieu of a private session, joining the Animal Talk Coaching Club as a Gold Member will give you direct access to her in the Forum, you can participate in the Live Monthly Q&A Calls, and you can also earn a free private session with her if you play the Accountability Game (limit up to 4 per year, value $1100). Watching her on YouTube may also help.

What type of session should I choose?

In the end, the type of session you choose is not important. If you would like to look at your life’s purpose, hear from your guides and connect with your pet, or even receive guidance on becoming a professional animal communicator, that can all be done in a session. The only limitation is time. If you are unsure which session to choose, book an Animal Communication Problem Solving Session and in the beginning of the session tell Val what you would like her help with.

How can I record my call with Val?

Val offers digital recordings of sessions for a small fee to cover the costs involved in creating and sending it to you. Optionally, you can make a recording on your own. Val’s Digital Session recordings are provided via email within 24-48 hours after your session. Digital recordings of sessions are included as a bonus for Silver and Gold Packages.

TIP: If you’d like to use a free recording site (we recommend over the more popular because of ease of use), then you may sign up for their service. You’ll be given a free conference call number and access code. Remember to email us the call-in number and participant access code at least 48-business hours prior to your session though! This free service is now available to many countries outside of the US and Canada so please check to see if your country is part of the expanded service area. If you are located outside of the US and Canada be sure to provide us with the US number for the call, not the international number you are given at registration. Also be sure to familiarize yourself with the teleconference commands so you know how to start and stop recordings. Val is not responsible for any recording issues on your end.

What Kinds of Cases Does Val Work On?

Val works with both animals and people. In the past she has worked on a wide range of issues, some of which include; health issues of all kinds, behavior issues of all kinds, performance enhancements, training, competition, chronic pain or illness, impending death and also after life communication.

Val is telepathic and intuitively guided by your Innate Body Mind Wisdom. This means she can hear animals and they can hear her. She doesn’t have to be in the room with them or touch/control them in any way. She works over the telephone (usually with a picture of the animal for focus) and is helpful with behavior and training, performance issues, health situations and euthanasia decisions. She works with all types of companion animals as well as performance/professional animals. She can help you better understand each other and work towards resolving issue(s). She easily works with more than one animal during a session, and doesn’t charge by the animal, only for her time.

How is Val's Work Different From Other Animal Communicators?

She specializes in “what’s next” which many animal communicators do not (sometimes they only tell you what you already know!). And depending on what’s needed, she can also do energetic healing, counseling, negotiating or identify what other modalities are needed.

She’s always felt that talking with our animal companions is the first step, but that what’s really needed and wanted (by you and your animal!) is how to best resolve the problem, whatever it is. So depending on what your animal(s) has to tell us, we will be most able to make rapid progress.

Can Val Help With Animal Behavior and Health Issues?

Val receives many emails asking her about dealing with specific ailments or behavior problems for both horses and dogs.. You may be experiencing a horse who kicks, bites or won’t follow your commands. You may have a dog who is aggressive, barks, tears up the house, urinates in inappropriate places or is not very affectionate. These are just a few of the hundreds of inquiries we receive regarding health and behavior issues.

Val has worked with over 6,200 animals to-date and in her extensive experience it has become very apparent to her that animal issues are typically a combination of these four things:

1. An emotional issue
2. A health issue
3. A management issue, such as inappropriate training, diet, exercise, etc.

An emotional or health issue that is going on with YOU that your animal is reacting to negatively.
Val’s greatest gifts lie in her ability to communicate effectively with animals to get to the true root cause of the problems at hand. This saves you aggravation, stress, time, energy and money over your animal’s misbehavior.

Val begins her work by first talking to the animal in question. Communicating with them through a behavior issue will make a huge difference in their ability to feel heard, acknowledged, and respected. Giving them a voice makes all the difference in the world in deepening your relationships with your animals and resolving problems.

Val works with you and the animal to get questions answered, learn what is actually needed to move things forward, discover where the real issues are coming from, what the behavior triggers actually are, and determine what the unknown factors are, which is critical to resolving the issue at hand.

Val’s second goal is to help you personally rebalance, regain your clarity, peace and sanity, and be as healthy and resilient as possible. Val works in a very experiential way which makes you a very important part of the process.

Are there any Guarantees? Val’s 4 Fundamental Results Guarantee?

No one can guarantee to make you or your animals change, that’s your job. However, Val does offer certain guarantees. Val doesn’t offer just animal communication services – that’s because she’s not just another animal communicator. Talking with your animals is just the best place to start resolving problems. What she knows you really want and need is help RESOLVING the issues! She can help you with healing, improving performance in competition, resolve training and behavior issues, and much much more.

Val promises that if you don’t agree that by the end of your session you have these 4 Fundamental Results, then she’ll refund your money out of her own pocket. You have her word on it.

1) An individually tailored Action Management Plan to help you lower your trainer and vet bills, avoid further damaged property costs, and to spend your money, energy and time focusing on getting the results you want.

2) More peace of mind about what your animal really needs and wants, deeper understanding about what is making them suffer or feel ill, allowing you to catch and prevent treatable conditions

3) Greater clarity about what is needed to improve your relationships, and the tools you need to do that more confidently

4) Better overall balance in Body, Mind & Spirit for you AND your animal – because when you are more balanced, healthy and happy, your animal can be too.

Bonus: You’ll also receive instruction and coaching on how to communicate with animals yourself, helping you develop a lifetime skill you can use with your animals now… and for the rest of your life.

Val’s goal is to empower her clients and students to follow your own intuitive knowing, to be fully present and consciously aware, and to know how to connect at the heart and mind level for yourself.

What is the Human Animal Body Mind Connection and How Does it Affect Me and My Animal?

Val is the foremost authority on the complexities and intricacies of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection, sometimes known as Group Consciousness.

You and your animal are connected energetically. That means that what may appear to be an issue with them may actually be an issue with their caretakers. Without recognizing this critically important dynamic and including it in your session, you won’t be able to achieve the best result possible.

Val is trained in various BodyMind Assessment therapies which are state of the art in healthcare consulting today, and are designed to assist with all manner of chronic pain or illness.

Her work is especially suited for anyone who is feeling stuck in their life and wants to move forward

The Healing Journey isn’t for sissies!

It sometimes requires facing deep wounded and ugly spots within ourselves, making new choices and discoveries about who we are, changing our lifestyle, rebuilding damaged cells, organs, systems… The BodyTalk System of state of the art healing techniques accelerates this process greatly, addressing the multiple causal factors in a dynamic and powerful way, opening us to personal growth at very deep levels. So you really have to be committed and ready for this, willing to go through the process and do what’s needed to achieve change in every level of your Being

BodyMind Assessment Consulting Therapies

Exploring deeper into the puzzle, sorting out why we behave and feel the way we do, and bringing peace and closure to wounds, emotional – mental – physical — that’s what it’s all about.

The Bottom Line:

If you or your animals are not healing quickly and easily, then there is something blocking you. Val is trained to discover and resolve that, and with your help and commitment to the process, expect to see things improve in your life — sometimes dramatically and quickly, other times more slowly and surely.

How Long Will It Take To Get Results?

Val can’t tell you how long it will take, because answers to some of your questions are often simple, and others can get much more involved as we explore the issues, working towards resolution of a problem(s). We’ll do as much as possible in the allotted time, and you can always reschedule to do the rest at another time. A good rule of thumb to follow is to allow a minimum of 30 minutes per animal or more, plus 30 minutes or more for your own process and rebalancing, taking into account the type of problem you (or they) are experiencing.

The Importance of Self Care

Self-care is an extremely important part of your healing process. The bottom line here is that you are in a constant state of change and flux, reacting and responding to the factors that stress/challenge you on multiple levels and dimensions. While you may immediately experience positive changes and results, you could also experience temporary difficulties as your body works on repairing itself. Symptoms may intensify for a short period before relief is felt, so don’t be alarmed if this happens – in fact, these symptoms tell us that Body Talk is working, supporting the body as it makes changes, addressing problems more aggressively. It is important to be patient and gentle with yourself as you process and integrate these changes. If your body must create new neural pathways or generate new tissue or cells as it rebuilds healthier organs, joints, etc., this may take a few weeks or months, depending on the complexity of the task. If for any reason you are unable or unwilling to take the time you need to heal after a session, please tell Val.

Working with Children under 12 years old:

At least one parent or caregiver needs to be worked with first because of shared issues and family dynamics, (concept of mirroring). Animals need not be physically present.