Meet the Val Heart & Friends Team!


Leading Animal Communication ExpertVal Heart, CEO of Heart Communication Enterprises Inc, Founder of The HEART System™ for solving problems with pets, Equine Peak Performance Expert, Leading Animal Communication Expert, Bestselling Author, Keynote Motivational Speaker

Val is the founder of The Heart School of Animal Communication featuring the premier How to Talk to Animals, the Complete System including Beginning Core Foundations and the c  She is the Head Honcho for the Animal Talk Coaching Mastery Club.

She is remarkably passionate about caring for animals, giving them a voice, and she strives to help others enhance their animal communication skills so they may better care for the animals that are entrusted to them.

Val is considered an important thought leader in the field of animal communication and healing, and specializes in creating learning environments to support students in mastering the art of animal communication. She is also a PaRama certified master level BodyTalk Institute practitioner for people and animals, and is a leading expert in the Human Animal BodyMind Connection.

Tim LinkTim Link, Senior Associate, Animal Communicator, Lost/Missing Animal Specialist and Animal Reiki Practitioner
Tim is our resident highly skilled animal communicator who specializes in lost and missing animals. Tim is able to provide a unique combination of expertise to animal parents who are looking for a lost animal or who have an animal who would greatly benefit from energy healing.

Barb CottaBarb Cotta – Animal Talk Coaching Club Moderator, Trained Animal Assessment Specialist, Ceiling Dismount Expert and Brainstorm Partner
Barb is Val’s Chief Client Enrollment Specialist and loves helping people who are in trouble and need help. A Radiance Reiki practitioner, Barb often serves as a brilliant idea partner who makes it safe for highly sensitive creative’s to shine, heal and grow.

Monique WelchMonique Welch – Digital Media Specialist and Tech figure-outer
Monique handles all things tech and loves to play with new tools that make it easy for people to learn more about Val and find the resources they need to take better care of their animals.

Jade Dumestre – Customer Support Specialist

Jade is our Customer Service Specialist. She has assisted Heart Based Coaches for over 6 years, and enjoys helping our clients get any questions answered and resolved. In her spare time she practices Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, and loves spending time with her 9-year-old son, Husband and her Poodle Kenya.

Steven PaananenSteven Paananen – Social Marketing Director 
Steven is a social media guru who has been featured in Tech Insider and New York Magazine as a social media influencer. He’s also listed in the Top 10 Most Important People to Watch in SnapChat!  His strengths are creating engaging content, photo editing and video production and editing. He uses social media as a way to bring happiness to people all over the world.  He grew up with a menagerie of up to 19 animals of all kinds, so helping inspire animal lovers is a subject near and dear to his heart.

Timmy Tim Tim – Tracker, Organization Mascot & Director of Wellness
How can you have a company built around the betterment of animal care and learning to have masterful conversations with animals if you don’t have a very wise animal guide to confer with from time to time? Timmy is a very wise soul who chooses to share his wisdom with us. He is a grand teacher and helps Val stay connected on a daily basis to the supreme unconditional love that can only come from a treasured animal friend.

Rumery CottaRumery Cotta – Cat Scan Specialist, Acrobatics Expert and Brainstorm Partner
Rumery is Barb’s confidante and loves to talk to people who are having problems with their animals. He enjoys interior redecorating, and is known for his remarkable ability to know when Val needs Barb’s help. He has been known to play Val’s phone voice messages on her recorder and especially loves sitting in on Val’s webinars and teleclasses.

Ravindra Kalra – Assistant Extraordinaire, Blog & Podcast Coordinator
Ravindra is the master of the details! He is our LinkedIn and social media guy.  He ensures that our vision/mission message (sharing our passion for animal care) is broadcast to the world. Ravi works hard to ensure that The Real Dr Doolittle Show is vibrant and alive on iTunes and our Animal Hearts Talk Blogs.

DarlaDarla Emanuelson – Blog Creative Coordinator Specialist – Darla is the most recent addition to the team. She has shared her home with dogs, cats, parakeets, turtles, fish, a hamster, a guinea pig and a snake – but not all at the same time!  She enjoys painting in her spare time and is pictured with some of her work. 


Meet the Val Heart & Friends Team!