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“People come to me with their animal problems, and then I help the animals with their people problems.” ~ Val Heart

There are 3 BIG truths we believe about animals and animal communication.  They are:

#1  Animals are intelligent, thinking, feeling beings with wisdom and unique viewpoints all their own.

#2 Communicating with them is essential as caregivers and guardians.

#3  All animal lovers can learn how to communicate, heart to heart, mind to mind. 

You may not know yet if all 3 are true for you, but I hope you are willing to explore this and find out for yourself.

I call this journey an Awakening to Animal Consciousness.  

Why?  Because animals are healers, teachers, guides and angels.  When we learn to recognize, respect and revere them for who they truly are, then they help us become the best human version of ourselves that we can be.

Val Heart Leading Animal Communicator


Val Heart got her start in animal communication more than 25 years ago when an injured mare spontaneously told her why the wound on her hip wouldn’t heal. Through the conversation, Val and the owner witnessed with astonishment as the wound simply disappeared right before their eyes as she shared her story!

Today, Val is a leading animal communication expert, internationally recognized pet psychic and master healer. Val can help you create a magical bond between you and your animal and get at the root of what is really going on in their life. Not the typical animal communicator, her specialty is solving problems with pets.

If you want better, faster results with your animals and don’t want to waste a lot of time, energy and money chasing your tail on expensive guesswork, then Val can help! There may be LOTS of reasons why your pet needs help… but you won’t know what they are thinking until you talk to them.

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Success Stories

  • Spending time talking to Val about my dog, Stella, turned out to be very enlightening, fun and more productive than the many trips to the vet have ever been.

    I contacted Val because I was concerned about Stella’s chronic urinary tract infections and allergies and I needed to know if there was anything Stella wanted me to know about her health or general well being. Val provided me with so much insight on my dog, that I could not possibly list it all here.

    For instance, she pin pointed specific problems with her food, and since switching her diet, we have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of yeast on her skin and a lot less scratching.

    She’s also much happier and more vibrant, and her fur even looks cleaner. Val also sensed some back pain in Stella and advised she have a chiropractic alignment. With that, we no longer need the pain medication that the vet had prescribed for what they assumed was “spinal arthritis.”

    In addition to all the health advice that was SO helpful, it was fun to hear what Val had to say about Stella’s emotional well being. She described Stella’s personality perfectly and when I asked if my kids bother her to much, it was fun to hear what Stella had to say: “it’s ok. I know they love me.”

    I am certain that I will work with Val again in the future, and I would recommend her to anyone who has questions about their animals!

    JoAnn Finger North Bergen, NJ, US
  • Grand Prix Dream Horse’s Mystery Lameness and Bad Attitude Turned Around In ONE Session!
    I finally got my dream horse – an 11 year old Grand Prix dressage Andalusian stallion – and from day 1 I had problems! He arrived from across the country stressed and upset at his new environment and at leaving his prior trainers’. Then, he foundered as a result of gelding surgery a couple of weeks later and nothing we tried helped him heal.

    Desperate to help my horse I turned to Val for the first time. I could not believe what happened in just one session! She was able to quickly and confidently get the information we needed to help treat him properly. Plus, we tapped into what he needed from me as his new partner.

    Feeling hope for the first time I immediately practiced what Val taught me and within ONE session with him that same day we were on the road to recovery and to a new partnership. Since then, Val’s sessions have helped me learn how to ride passage, piaffe and to continue to create an amazing partnership with this extraordinary horse.

    Val’s work has changed my life with this horse — and with ALL of my horses — forever! I continue to get regular sessions with her, as I’m eager to understand what my horses are trying to tell me. Thank you Val for saving my horse and for saving my relationship with him… my horses thank you, to

    Kendall SummerHawk Tucson, AZ, USA
  • I set up a session with Val when my cat Abraham (Abie) deteriorated suddenly from what I assumed was the arthritis he had been diagnosed with a year earlier.

    Almost overnight he was barely able to move and when he did he growled from pain. He would eat only when I brought his dishes of food and water to his mouth. (Fortunately, he somehow made it to his litter box.) In addition, he quickly developed the symptoms of a cold. I could tell he was in abject misery and I was concerned that he would be permanently incapacitated.

    Val said she felt Abie was having a reaction to the routine vaccinations that he had received several months earlier and that his whole body was inflamed. Because of the arthritis, Val told me that Abie’s immune system was compromised and that he shouldn’t have received the vaccines.

    Before the session was over, Val gently used BodyTalk to help bring some quick relief to Abie.

    Two days after the session with Val, my husband called me at work and said he had found Abie sitting on our living room rug with our other cat Sylvia. Abie got up and walked from our bedroom into the living room to sit on his favorite wool rug by the couch. He would have had to walk a ways to get there. We’re amazed because the night before he was having a hard time even turning around.

    A miraculous feat! I don’t really consider myself skeptical but I was shocked by the sudden turn of events. I realized it was a sign that he would heal completely — and he has. Ten weeks later Abie is doing wonderfully and back to his old self.

    I am so grateful for Val and her gifts as a healer and a teacher. It has changed my life. I recommend her to anyone that has a pet. You’ll learn more than you could ever imagine.


    Barbara Koonce Austin, TX

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Don’t Doubt Yourself! Animal Communication is Easy, Once You Know How

Val’s first love was four-legged and hairy, with big brown eyes that saw through to her soul and a pair of lips that could open any gate. Her name was Maisie and she was Val’s first horse, a 6 year old Welsh pony. Val credits Maisie and her filly Sunshine for helping her survive very difficult teenage years. Manically depressed and even suicidal at times, Val learned that in her darkest moments, she could go to her animal friends, experience the joy of animal communication, and receive extraordinary comfort, wisdom, guidance and strength. Her animal communication teachers include horses, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, birds, deer, goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, mice, ants, snakes, racoons, owls, opossums and many many more. They all taught her how to use the gift of animal communication to help people who are struggling with their animals. Today, she is honored to assist animals and their humans, from top performers and professionals to companion animals of all kinds, all over the world. Val delights in using animal communication and healing to help us return to wholeness, reconnect to the Circle of Life. If you have animals in your life, then you already have animal communication teachers at hand. And when the student is ready, the teacher appears! Every animal lover can learn how to communicate with animals. Learning animal communication is easy, once you know how! Don’t twiddle your thumbs while your pet’s life flies by. They need to talk to you, for you to be able to hear their voice, to know when they hurt and to be their best friend by connecting with them at the heart, mind and spirit.

How Do Animals Communicate? I’m Crazy For This, It’s Fascinating

I’m often asked, how do animals communicate? The answer is fascinating and amazing. Animals communicate through energy transference. The word telepathy means the ability to transmit feelings (empathy) over a distance (tele-). Animals communicate by sharing visual images, emotions, impressions, intentions and thoughts from their heart and minds energetically with others. If you know anything about quantum physics and the holographic universe, you know that information can be transmitted energetically and instantaneously when you are dialed in. Spoken and written words always have energy behind them. Vocalizations and body language do too! So how do animals communicate? ALL beings transmit messages energetically from heart to heart, mind to mind. The really cool thing is, humans are born knowing how to do this too! It’s only later as babies grow up and start learning language skills that they are discouraged from using their primary means of information energy transference. And that is tragic because then humans become shut down, dense and blocked off from the world around them. When I communicate with animals they often tell me how sad they feel for their humans who are so dense and it seems, blind and deaf to their pleas and important messages. They can’t understand it! How did that happen? What can be done to help their poor pitiful human? Animals feel so excited when humans learn how to speak their language! You can start learning how to communicate with animals here!

Problems With Pets? Talking To Animals Is The FIRST Thing To Do

Is your animal behaving badly? Are they in poor health or in pain? It could be they are simply confused about what is going on, or what is being asked of them. Perhaps they have unanswered questions or concerns, worries you know nothing about. Have you considered that you’re in conflict because they may have a completely different viewpoint than you about what the right thing to do actually is? Talking to animals is the smartest thing to do anytime you experience a problem with a pet. From behavior, training, and performance issues, to health problems and end of life transitions, talking with animals will help you learn why they behave the way they do, what they are feeling, thinking and experiencing, and what they most need and want. Knowing that will guide you to become the best pet caretaker and animal advocate you can possibly be. Until you know for sure what they need to tell you, you can only try different things hoping something will work. That’s an expensive, time consuming, difficult process. Val calls it chasing your tail on expensive worrisome guesswork, because all the while you experiment and blunder your way around in “Guessville”, your pet’s life and well-being is on the line. If you’ve got a problem with a pet, or you just want to know what they are thinking, Click Here and let’s start talking to your animals!

Are You Doing It Wrong? Animal Talk Is About The Art Of Focusing

Did you know that what you focus on expands? It's true. Your body, mind and spirit are like a computer. When you search for something on Google, your focus question determines what you get back. It doesn’t judge right or wrong; it doesn’t decide if this is a ‘good’ focus or ‘bad’ one. It just checks to see what you’re looking at and gives you more of that by crowding out all the rest. Your thoughts are reinforced by the emotional energy you put into it. That’s it. By focusing on your problems, your body mind and spirit understand that this is what's important to you. So your bodymind think you want more of that, and is happy to giving you more. If your focus is negative, then that’s a problem. That's true of your relationships, your work, your health… And it’s especially true of working with your animals through animal talk. If you focus on what’s not working or what is upsetting to you about their behavior, performance or health, they see your focus, see what you hold in your mind’s eye, and feel the strong emotions you’re feeling. Then they interpret the communication for meaning, based on their viewpoint, experience and history. The part about ‘I really wish you wouldn’t do that’ gets lost. So what can you do to correct these and other problems? Try focusing on what you DO want them to do. Feel how wonderful it would be if they did that (gratitude, appreciation, relief, joy) and image the rewards you would be delighted to give them if they did that instead. For more great techniques, insights and fun using animal talk, Start Here at The Heart School of Animal Communication

Accessing The Revolutionary BodyTalk Healing System for Animals and People

Multidimensional healing with the BodyTalk for animals system and people is an extremely powerful, safe and effective form of holistic therapy that allows the body's energy systems to be re-synchronized so that they can operate as nature intended. Each system, cell and atom is designed to be in constant communication at all times, allowing adaptability and flexibility throughout life. Exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life and an increasingly toxic environment causes various lines of inner and outer communication to become compromised, leading to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental health. It is critical that these systems be perfectly balanced for the body to effectively coordinate the billions of synchronized activities per second that are necessary to maintain optimum health. Reconnecting these lines of communication enables the body's mechanisms to function at optimal levels, preventing disease and rapidly accelerating the healing process. The BodyTalk System for Animals can be accessed as stand-alone therapy or be seamlessly integrated into other health care systems to increase their effectiveness and promote faster healing. BodyTalk healing works quickly and effectively on humans and animals alike. BodyTalk for animals in combination with animal communication and intuitive medical scanning has proven to be extremely helpful in resolving behavior problems, as well as improving health problems such as allergies, environmental sensitivities, dyslexia, chronic viruses and infections, depressed immune systems, chronic pain, brain trauma and dysfunction, sugar metabolism disorders, arthritis, musculo-skeletal issues, emotional, behavioral and psychological problems and much more. Read Stacie’s extraordinary story here (insert blog post). If you and/or your animal need a Heart Style BodyTalk healing session, click here and let’s get started:

My SuperPower is I Am An Animal Whisperer

Animals have been whispering their innermost secrets, thoughts and feelings to Val all her life. Her mare Maisie coached her for years through a period of very difficult dark depression when she was a teenager. Her German Shepherd dog Fritz taught her how to experience life from a dog’s viewpoint. Her orange cat Josie taught her to respect and understand the world using feline sensibilities. Her parakeet Sparky taught her about life from a birds amazing perspective. Her white rat family taught her about the intricacies of living in a tightly knit family group. And her extraordinary whisperers from the wildlife surrounding her growing up in the rural area overlooking Lake Travis outside Austin, Texas, USA taught her how to be a better human being. Using a lifetime of listening to animal whisperers, Val uses her vast experience to specialize in saving lives, healing and the power of true communication from heart to heart, mind to mind. You can learn how to be an animal whisperer too! Start here

Val Heart Is an Extraordinary Cat Whisperer

As a child, Val was known for her ability to connect and befriend feral cats. They would flock to her, eager for her attention so they could whisper their secrets and insights about life, share news about the neighborhood, and tell her their woes. Often her parents would come home to find her curled up with them around her, all happily sleeping together. Val loves cat whispering because kitties have fascinating and sometime completely unexpected viewpoints all their own. For instance, they are highly sensitive to energy, emotional attack and psychic phenomenon. Many years ago, Val and Animal Planet’s Cat Whisperer Jackson Galaxy co-taught a class together about working with cats. Often problems with our feline friends come from an imbalanced human caretaker or environment that simply does not work for them. Has your cat been trying to tell you something? Does your cat whisper in your ear, desperately wishing you could hear them? Do they walk away frustrated or sad because you are too dense to know what they are trying to say? Don’t keep disappointing your kitty! Get help now so we know what nuggets of wisdom they are trying to tell you.

Horse Communication Is The Foundation For A Happy Relationship

Val Heart got her start in horse communication in 1993 when she was asked to solve problems with pre-Olympic dressage horses, hunter jumpers, racing horses, endurance horses, Western Pleasure and world champion cutting horses. What she discovered is that horse communication is often overlooked when things go wrong and horse lovers struggle with their horses, and yet it is the most critically important element in enjoying a good relationship with your horse. When you take the time to communicate properly with your horse, they can tell you if they are in pain and if so, where they hurt. They can tell you why they behave badly, and what’s wrong in their world. They are also the BEST riding instructor you can have because they know what you are doing that is helping, hurting or hindering their movement. If you want a happy healthy horse that loves their work and YOU, then horse communication is the way to go! Click Here and let’s get started

How to Communicate With Animals

Have you ever wished you could simply put a microphone inside your pet’s head and listen to their thoughts? The good news is, you can easily learn how to tune in energetically and telepathically so you can hear what they are thinking. Once you know how to communicate with animals, the experience is like talking to your best friend. Val Heart’s complete system of learning how to talk to animals is an extraordinary spiritual journey of healing, evolving and reconnecting with all life. When you know how to communicate with animals, they are relieved. Animals are happy to partner up with you so you can solve problems together and enrich each other’s lives by sharing insights, understanding and a much deeper bond. Start with the Beginning Foundations Course, then move on to master your skills with the Advanced Animal Talk Mastery Course!

How to Talk To Animals

Val believes that animals are angels, teachers, guides and healers, and that when we learn to recognize, respect and revere animals for who they really are, that they make us better people. Learning how to talk to animals is an extraordinary, life changing experience. Animals have a lot to say and need to be heard on all levels of their life. Knowing what animals think, feel and experience can change everything in the way you take care of your pet, and is THE foundation for a great relationship! Val Heart’s complete system of learning how to talk to animals is a spiritual journey. When you know how to talk to animals, they partner up with you so you can solve problems together and enrich each other’s lives by sharing insights, inspiration and deepen your bonding. Start with the Beginning Foundations Course, then move on to master your skills with the Advanced Animal Talk Mastery Course! See the Complete How To Talk To Animals courses here



Your first step is to learn how to send messages to any animal, anytime, anywhere!

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Your first step is to learn how to send messages to any animal, anytime, anywhere!

We will always process your data in accordance with our strict Privacy Policy. You may always withdraw this consent by emailing us directly or unsubscribing at any time