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Is Your Pet Afraid of Fireworks or Storms?

Having a pet afraid of fireworks can be so stressful, and not just for the animal. I can tell you—watching your furry companion, suffering, panicking, and running in fear of loud noises is no fun. It can be downright scary and dangerous for them and everyone around them.

A pet afraid of fireworks and storms can end in tragedy

is your pet afraid of fireworks and storms?

Independence Day, New Years Day, and other celebrations can be a fun holiday for many people around the world. But it is also the time of year that strikes dread into the hearts of many animal lovers.

Because holidays like Independence Day and New Years Day also means fireworks.

And if you have a pet afraid of fireworks, you have good reason to be concerned.

Many animals are so terrified of the loud, frightening BOOMS that they run away 

from home only to get lost, severely injured, or killed in their panic.

It’s so sad because they were just desperately trying to find somewhere safe to hide, to run away from the terrors in the sky.

It’s the worst time of year for shelters and rescue organizations too.

In fact, more animals get lost and go missing during fireworks celebrations than at any other time of the year.

Isn’t that heartbreaking?

Equally devastating and way more unpredictable in their timing are thunderstorms with booming peals of thunder and lightning lighting up the sky. That too can scare animals into a complete and full-blown panic, as can other noise phobias.

Many fearful, terrified pets begin freaking out before the storm even arrives. In the madness, they can become destructive, to themselves and your property.

Maybe you have a pet afraid of fireworks, or you know someone who does… and you’re thinking ahead to the Fourth of July (or the next holiday) with dread, not sure what to do?

Maybe you think you’ve tried everything. You’ve done training, taught calming cues and signals, and offered reassurance techniques, but nothing has worked and they are still afraid and react to the noises with panic.

And you’re afraid for their healthy, safety and wellbeing

Maybe you’ve even resorted to using drugs. But what if you’re not there to give it to them when they’re afraid it doesn’t help, and you can’t keep them drugged ALL the time, right?

What if the drug isn’t working, it’s too expensive or has harmful side effects? That’s not good either.

Or maybe you just don’t know if they’re working or not, because your pet friend can’t tell you how they’re feeling.

Learn how to speak your pets language so you can help heal their mind through communicating with them.  Start by downloading my FREE Ebook: Hidden Secrets to Communicating with Pets HERE

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A pet afraid of fireworks or storms can suffer health problems

It goes beyond just the panic reaction.

Fear itself takes a huge toll on a pet’s nervous system, bodymind, and their emotions. Ultimately, all the stress from fear can sabotage their immune system so they are more vulnerable to illness, pathogens, and disease.

Learning how to help your pet overcome their fear of fireworks, storms/thunder and any kind of noise phobias is the kindest, most loving, and compassionate, BEST thing you can do for them.

You could even save their life.

CBD Oil Helps Pet Afraid of FireworksOne other wonderful thing you can do to help is give them high-quality CBD oil. CBD oil helps relax their nerves, chill and take the edge off.

The problem is you have to start ahead of time to build up their system. To do that, you need to have some on hand and get them started on it ASAP, which means you need to order it right now.

Before you do…

Beware! Not all CBD oil products are created equally – you need the BEST oil for your pet!

Many have fillers, nasty bits in the ingredients (or not enough of the good stuff), and are very low-quality oils that don’t help at all.

They can even hurt your pet.

CBD for pets isn’t regulated the same way oil for humans is, so they aren’t tested properly because the companies are out to make a quick buck on the CBD bandwagon.

My FAVORITE CBD Oil company is CTFO. 

I trust CTFO’s products implicitly because I’ve seen them work really really well, and I use them personally.  I also trust them because of their third party testing and impeccable standards.

It’s like a really cool CHILL PILL for puppies. Works for kitties too. And horses. And people!!

If you tried CBD before and it didn’t work so well, you gotta check out my blog post on CBD Oil and how to use it properly.  Because not only do you need the best quality, after that HOW you use it can make all the difference in the world. 

Do you have a precious pet who is afraid of fireworks?  Check out my Helping Pets Overcome Fear of Fireworks, Thunder, and Noise Phobias Course. Because helping your pet overcome their fear of loud noises is one of the best things you can do for them.  Healing their body is important, but healing their mind is critically important. 

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