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The BEST CBD Oil for You and Your Pet!


Do you have a dog or cat with separation anxiety, or suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)? Are they afraid of thunderstorms or other loud noises? Or does your pet just seem to “go crazy” sometimes when you need them to calm down? They are asking for help.  Give them the BEST CBD Oil for Pets! 

CTFO CBD pet products is the answer. Because all mammals have endocannabinoid systems, CBD can have a positive impact on pets as well as humans. 

I started researching CBD oils when all the hype about these wonderful products starting buzzing around like flies on pie.  Is CBD Oil Good for Cats

What I’ve found is, there are some very reputable companies out there, and some NOT so reputable. I’ve even seen really cheap ineffective and even dangerous products on places like amazon as more companies are climbing on the bandwagon as quickly as they can.

But here’s the problem.

If you get the wrong stuff – or are taking it in the wrong way – you’re just wasting your money, energy and time.

Even worse, you “think” you’re taking it BUT you’re not actually getting the real benefit or value from it. You may give up saying “it didn’t work for me or my pet.”

Or, the impurity or fillers/additives caused problems for you or your pet!

But, here’s the thing. The GOOD stuff really REALLY works!

CBD Oil Benefits Dog Treats InfographicWhat can CBD Oil help you and your pet with?  The list seems endless!

Studies have shown that CBD can help pets with loss of appetite, anxiety, aging, aching joints, cancer, glaucoma, inflammation, seizures, aggression and neurological disorders.

If you have an older pet, CBD may put new life into them!

When you get the best CBD product and do it right, it is simply amazing what it can do for you in terms of:

  • Improved health and well-being
  • Pain reduction (or elimination entirely)
  • Better night’s sleep
  • Skin wellness and anti aging
  • Hair regrowth
  • Weight loss
  • And of course, easing stress and anxiety

Did you know that this company called Change The Future Outcome (CTFO) offers chew treats for pets along with CBD sprays and oils, and a wonderful pet conditioning shampoo that works wonders for coat and skin related ailments? 

If your pet is “like family,” you’ll want them to have the benefits of CBD just like you do when they need it. 

Imagine how fantastic it will be for your dog or cat to be completely at ease around the house, even when you need to leave for work or errands.

Imagine having your older pet “come to life” again. 

CBD oils, treats and sprays can help them cope better and relieve their anxiety.

And better yet, all CTFO CBD products are 100% organic, including the flavorings.

Traditional and holistic veterinarians have discovered many fascinating benefits of CBD Oil for pets in their care, and by now you’ve no doubt heart of the many benefits of CBD Oil.

For Instance:

CBD can help soothe your pet’s anxiety during trips to the vet or groomer or trainer or kenneling/boarding or…

CBD can help your cat’s skittishness, fearfulness, aggressive behavior…

CBD helps with over barking, excessive licking, and hot spots…

CBD helps you relax and get a good night’s sleep…

CBD helps with fear of loud noises, thunder and fireworks…

CBD can help with stress, pain and illness, and so much more!

No, CBD is not marijuana and it does not make you or your pet “high”.

The bottom line is, the good, highest quality CBD Oil is safe, legal and healthy – and EFFECTIVE – for you and your pet!

I personally take CBD and have been pleased and very happy with it. For instance, I’ve been an insomniac most of my life and now? I’m consistently sleeping way better, my fatigue levels are improving, I feel stronger, and less stressed, and my thinning hair is growing back!

There’s lots to like!

Click on the Oils to see all the wonderful products for you AND your pets, or CLICK HERE!


What are other people and pet parents saying about their results? Check this out, it’s awesome:



This is a testimonial from a CTFO customer:

“This is Belle. I brought Belle home after I met her in the parking lot of a local grocery store (my mom had just rescued her) she was five months old. She just hopped in and didn’t want to get out. I had NO IDEA what I was getting into. I had NO idea the struggle between love and frustration I was about to experience. The amount of items she would chew or throw up on. Or even how often she would not have a solid bowel movement.

She had the most intense fear of being alone, of any dog I’ve ever experienced. Every single time she ate she threw up. We tried feeding her 3 times a day (small amounts), took her to the vet, did stool samples, raw food diet, special food, wet food, digestive enzymes, you name it and it was exhausting…

Her anxiety was so bad she ate a dog door off the door, she ripped two screen doors off, destroyed the garage (multiple times), ate a wine bottle, you name it she did it. Our lives were full of just pure chaos, and heartbreak. We couldn’t fix our girl. We felt hopeless…

Well, we started her on these CTFO CBD treats a year ago. She gets two a day, on bad days she gets 4.

She’s gone from 57 pounds soaking wet a year ago (left photo) to 81 pounds, healthy and happy (right photo). She is a completely different dog. She is happy, no more fear of being left, just excitement, no throwing up, she has solid bowel movements, no chewing. Her hair has grown back, it isn’t brittle, it’s so soft! It’s not breaking off and her tail is long, fluffy, full and beautiful. She is relaxed, happy and healthy.♥️We swear by these treats they’ve changed our life and more importantly HERS.”

I’m so happy to see results like these! This is why I’m telling you about these awesome products! I want to help people and animals!🙂


CBD Oil Testimonial About Cancer


We are living in such an exciting time in the health of our bodies. The Research on CBD Oil has only just scratched the surface of how this wonderful oil can help our bodies balance and heal.

CTFO has an amazing 10xPure CBD oil so you know why we are so impressed with this wonderful company!  Plus their products are 100% organic, including the flavorings.

Click on the video below to learn more.

Can you take CBD and pass a drug test?

Inquiring minds want to know, right?  The fact is that taking full spectrum CBD oils could cause the taker to fail a drug test.

Not to worry though because that’s exactly why CTFO created an “Isolate”.  You still get all the great benefits, and you’ll be safe on your drug tests too!  If this is an issue for you, then be sure to get the Isolate versions.

Want some for you and/or your pet?  Here’s how to get your CBD Oil, Pet CBD Oil/Chew treats and more for you and your pet from our friends at CTFO:

  • First, you should know that this is a MLM company. Great news for anyone who’d like to earn commission from sales, but if you’re not in it for that?  Not to worry.  It really doesn’t matter if you promote it or not — it’s a great, high quality, forward thinking company dedicated to improving the well being on the planet for pets and people through amazing and well formulated hemp and CBD products.  They have a wide variety of excellent products and continue to expand their line.  You can buy retail straight from the site, or, I recommend setting up your account first so you can get 25% wholesale priceshttps://valheart.myctfo.com/join.html
  • Next, shop for your CBD Products here, add them to your cart and process your order: https://valheart.myctfo.com/
  • Note:  If you’re concerned about passing a drug test for your job or whatever, then be sure to search for the “Isolate” versions (see note above).  Isolates can still be effective, it’s worth a try.  The company offers a full 60 day guarantee and as they say, you won’t know until you give it a go and see what happens.
  • Finally, be sure to setup your autoship recurring order to get another 5% off along with regularly shipped product sent to your door just in time for when you need more.  You can always edit your order anytime before it ships or cancel it entirely if you wish.
  • Fully Guaranteed!  The products are fully guaranteed for 60 days, so if you don’t love it, send it back and get your money back.

Any questions?  Email us now at [email protected].

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