Why CBD Hemp for Your Pet Could Be THE Thing That Works For Their Pain And Behavior Problems

You’ve heard the buzz about hemp and CBD (cannabis) for people and pets, but does it really work?

hemp for petsWith all the excitement about cannabis (marijuana) and hemp being legalized and the positive reported health benefits for people AND pets too, I wanted to let you know about this company.  HempMy Pet is great and their products are of the highest quality.  Their hemp for pets is a solid product with a great track record and excellent reviews! 

The hemp products are labeled for pets, but you can personally use the tincture for pain too. 

I have clients who are using it for their yellow lab who suffered a serious injury to her elbow and subsequent surgery.  They notice an immediate difference in their dog’s well-being when she takes it.  She is happier, moves more easily, has more stamina, and reports that her pain levels are much more manageable.

When she isn’t taking it?

Ouch. BIG difference.

Another friend and author Gayle Pruitt said,


“This stuff is amazing!  My dogs Mimi & Casper take the coconut oil infused with hemp for pets oil and they have been frisky mischievous little seniors. They both are over 12 years old… we’re not for sure their exact age.  I’m going to have to have a knee replacement so I’m trying it too.” 


At HempMy Pet, they believe like I do that the most important thing you can give your pet for their health and well-being (besides communication, great food and lots of love) is a safe and effective product made of the highest quality ingredients available. Offering top quality, consistent and effective products is what they are all about!

When you choose HempMy Pet, you can feel good about what you are giving your pet, as they pride themselves in making and offering an organic hemp for pets product line that they say is superior to all others on the market. This company that has the best interest of you and your pet in mind.  They truly do this for the love of people, their animals, and for hemp!

After all, a happy pet means a happy YOU!

hemp for pets has high standards

Please note that this is NOT A DRUG. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, and/or cure any disease. Their product is a hemp-based product and legal in all 50 United States.

HempMyPet products are not psychoactive in any way, do not contain Marijuana nor are they Medicinal Marijuana products. Their products are made from hemp, which has to have less than .3% THC by law, to be considered hemp, and not marijuana.

Their “Hemp Extract” is derived from hemp, which may have trace amounts of THC to begin with before extraction, but then after it is extracted and added into our products, it is even further diluted down by the carrier oils.

THC does not show up on any of their third-party lab tests for all of their products.

So, your pet can’t get high off of these products, however, you may notice your pet feeling more calm and at ease, and older pets may be moving around more easily after use.  This is due to the other cannabinoids and terpenoids present in the products.

Check out some more great reviews from users of the product!

“I’m on my 3rd bottle and very very happy! My poor old man dog (12 1/2) obviously has arthritis (not terrible) but also has canine cognitive disorder. He became VERY anxious and destructive. With other supplements he started to calm down, but would have bouts of panic around 2 hours before sundown. With this cbd oil he’s mostly back to normal!”

“Just a few drops a day has calmed our Charlie down just enough. He seems a bit happier in his environment and less anxious.”

“The purity and quality of this product was outstanding. It’s made to human purity standards so you can be sure it’s safe for your pet. We noticed a very encouraging improvement in our aging dogs quality of life. His coat improved, some of the stiffness went out of his hips and his anxiety appeared to diminish somewhat. This is definitely the best choice of pet focused Hemp oil products on Amazon or anywhere. This company cares deeply about their clients and products and is on a mission to improve the heath of our pets!”

There’s more!

Ready to give it a try for your pet (or you)?  Click here!  


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wow this is really awesome. i needed to see this info badly. i had no idea it even existed until now.

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