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How to select the right CBD Oil for your Pets

Many of us are aware of the health benefits that CBD offers. However, did you know that CBD oil for your pets can be a great alternative? CBD, an oil derived from hemp, can reduce inflammation and pain, prevent seizures, improve symptoms of anxiety, and reduce nausea and slow the growth of tumors in our pets.

This means that if your pet suffers from arthritis, asthma, epilepsy, anxiety, stomach problems, cancer, or is undergoing chemotherapy, CBD could benefit your pet and give them relief. It is a natural product that is considered safe for most pets and doesn’t come with many of the side effects of prescription medications.

Be sure to consult with your vet to determine if CBD is right for your pet and the dosage you should administer. CBD can impact other medications, so if your pet is on any medications, be sure to mention this to your vet. Also, do your research and look for drug interactions with your pet’s medication.

How to Choose the Right CBD Product for Your Pet

CBD Oil for your pet

The FDA doesn’t regulate CBD products and they fall into a legal grey area in most states. This means that it’s a good idea to educate yourself on how to choose a high-quality CBD product to avoid THC (the hallucinogenic compound found in marijuana) and other hidden chemicals. The purity of your CBD matters because adulterated products can be ineffective or dangerous for your pet.

Certificate of Analysis or COA

All reputable brands of CBD oil or CBD products will include a COA or certificate of analysis. The COA is a scientific analysis of the chemical compounds and concentration of each in a CBD product. This offers consumers the best assurance that a brand is reputable and you can trust the quality and safety of their products.

On the COA, you will need to look at the THC levels and confirm that they contain less than 0.3%. Ideally, you want the COA to state “ND” or not detected for THC. For your CBD amounts, you want to make sure the amount stated on the bottle is the same as listed on the COA. If there are any discrepancies, don’t buy the product.

Next, if you choose a broad spectrum CBD oil, you will see at least some amounts of other cannabinoids like CBN or CBDa. If you only have CBD in the product, it is not full-spectrum. If it was advertised as such, don’t purchase the product because it is not the same or mislabelled from the COA.

Full Spectrum or Isolate

CBD isolate products only contain CBD and not any other cannabinoids that occur in hemp naturally. Full-spectrum CBD contains a mixture of other cannabinoids and are recommended, but this is strictly by preference. You can use a CBD isolate, but hemp, in its natural state contains several cannabinoids which may be beneficial.

The only reason to avoid a product that is a CBD isolate or full-spectrum product is if the product label and COA don’t match.

Type of Emulsion

There are three forms of emulsion used on CBD oil. Standard emulsion creates larger particles of CBD that are more difficult to absorb than either liposomal emulsion or nano-sized emulsion. Nano-sized emulsion is the best because its particles are the smallest and are much more easily absorbed.

It is recommended that you only purchase liposomal emulsion or nano-sized emulsion products for this reason. Nano-sized emulsion is the best, but if you can’t find it, liposomal will be safe and effective to use on your pet.

Don’t Purchase Products Containing Only Hemp Oil

Hemp oil and CBD are not equal products, although they come from the same plant. Often, hemp oil doesn’t contain pure CBD and is not nearly as effective as CBD oil. If a product lists that it is CBD oil and mentions from hemp, that means that it’s CBD oil.

However, if you can’t find CBD on the label, beware. This is a loophole some manufacturers are using to get around selling cheaper, less effective hemp products. To use CBD on the label, there are regulations and standards that must be met by a manufacturer.

Choosing a Form

The best way to administer a CBD product to a pet and guarantee its purity and strength is by using a tincture. Often, when chews and other treats are created, they are baked and the CBD in the product is weakened as a result.

A tincture is a much better option for most pets. It will also last longer, which is nice if your pet has a condition with flare-ups, such as anxiety, that may not require daily treatment.

CBD and Your Pet

Choosing a safe and effective CBD product for your pet doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are viewing a product online and it doesn’t meet the guidelines above, skip it. If it’s really inexpensive, there’s probably a reason why. Don’t take a risk with your pet’s health. Choose safe and effective CBD products to keep your pet active and healthy.

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