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Time Travel is the Best Superpower to Help Abused Animals Heal Negative Emotions

Just like humans, animal emotions can be both negative and positive.

Animals, just like humans, not only feel physical and emotional pain but can also feel and remember pain caused by traumatic events that have happened to them in their past.

The problems many pet owners face is not only recognizing these emotional wounds exist, and if they do, finding a way to overcome them.

It is unlikely that the vet you take your animal to will be able to help, and unless you are trained in the techniques that I teach in my masterclass, you will not be able to help either. No matter how much you may want to or how much training you do with your animal because you don’t know how to erase or rewrite history.

Rewriting History is the Key to Helping Animals Heal From the Past.

Over my career, I have developed a wonderful healing technique in order to help mend these painful emotional wounds that I call “time travel”.

A lot of people struggle with this concept, so to quickly clarify, no, I do not literally mean travel back in time physically!

Rather, what I have discovered is that…

Time is an illusion.

When I say time travel, I mean that I travel to moments in the past, using the memories and the minds of myself and animals as the vehicle.

Let me explain:

The speed of light is fixed, but time and space have to be flexible in order to make the world sync with the fixed state of light. Space gives us the concept of separation. Time gives us the concept of associations (within the body-mind or externally in the environment.) Light represents the continuum of the absolute—Brahman or the god mind—and the total awareness of the fully enlightened individual. Time/Space (sound/vibration—God) represents the ignorance of the intellect and the relative restrictions of life.

While this is a lot to grasp, understanding that time is a construct rather than an absolute, allows us to remove the barriers that stop us from going back and helping us mend negative animal emotions.

Once this is understood, we can begin to look at the idea of…

Expanding and Contracting Time

Using Time Travel To Mend Negative Animal Emotions

Our minds are linear, and as such we subconsciously organize our experiences as such.

In reality, time is more like a movie, which can be fast-forwarded, rewinded, or even stopped altogether.

If you think someone has plenty of time, it is because they have an expanded state of time. On the flip side, if you are always feeling rushed, that is a contracted state of time.

To understand this, think about the experiences that you have “lost.” This is also sometimes thought of as going into autopilot, such as when you drive the same route to work as you always do. One minute you are leaving your house, and next you are at the office! Essentially, you have sped up time by stepping outside of the regular time-space continuum temporarily.

At this point you are probably thinking:

“Val, this is interesting, but how does it help me heal my animals’ past and negative emotions?”

Which is a great question! Once you can grasp the idea that time is not as we perceive it, we can learn the concept of…

Past and Future Lives

Sometimes, both humans and animals will react in ways that we cannot explain. Emotions, phobias, and emotions seem to come out of nowhere and no matter how hard we try, we cannot change how we feel.

Our bodies store memories of significant things that have happened to us, whether they be traumatic, or positive. Regardless, they are stored at a deep, subconscious level. While some of these memories are from our current life, some are not. Rather, they come from our past life.

The same can be said for animals. While some animal emotions can come from experiences they remember, others might come from their past lives. I have even talked to animals who have told me about incidents that happened to them with their owners from ‘before’.

So to help mend negative animal emotions, we must sometimes go back to their past lives to help find the stuck spot.

Future lives can also impact us as well. Once you have mastered an understanding of how time really works, you can talk to your future self, and bring back will help you, and your pet, in your journey.

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A Therapy Dog’s Own Struggle.

I had the privilege of working with a wonderful therapy dog not long ago. Her owner is a professional counselor, and her dog helps her in her practice. My client was increasingly concerned about her beloved companion and partner because, starting last fall, the dog had, for the first time in her life, shown the unmistakable signs of fear of thunder and loud noises.

When I tuned in and ‘spoke’ with the dog telepathically, I asked her how she was doing. She said it had been difficult during the past few months—she was nervous and definitely not herself. She had lost her peace and tranquility and was not interacting with people like she had always loved doing before. I asked her to tell me about thunderstorms and why she was afraid of them or if she could tell me what had happened to make her afraid.

Instead of answering my question directly, she shared with me that she had been having recurring nightmares. I asked her if she could tell me more about that. She was very frightened but was glad to be able to share these nightly terrors with someone.

She showed me an image of herself standing, watching her human, and then she heard a monstrous, thunderous boom that shook the earth. Standing wide-eyed, she then watched as great billowing gray clouds swallowed up everything and everyone she loved.

In the dream, she would frantically run and bark, calling for her owner, trying to get to safety but always losing her human to the ominous clouds as they blanketed everything.

Bark! Bark!

She could almost hear her human calling her, but try as she might, she could never find her. The therapy dog was lost and helpless, despairing of ever seeing her beloved human again, feeling that she had somehow failed to warn her of this catastrophe.

She wanted so desperately to save her loved ones but always lost them to the noise and that terrifying, all-consuming cloud. In her waking hours, she began being anxious and fretful, living in dread of any loud noise that reminded her of the awful nightmare.

As I watched and listened, I realized that she was describing the events of September 11, 2001. I asked my client if she had been personally affected by the events, or if she had counseled others about them, and she said yes to both questions.

At this point, we both understood how deeply this sweet, telepathic animal had been affected by our nation’s tragedy and our reactions to it.

It should come as no surprise that animal emotions are deeply affected by world events and tragedies, especially when they affect us so profoundly. It is helpful for all of us, humans and our animal companions, to discuss these things openly with each other, to share comfort and hope, as well as sadness, pain, and fear.

This is exactly what we did with this dog. A week later, her owner reported that her dog was acting less fearful and was continuing to improve day by day.

Through lots of open-hearted exploration, using the methods I have learned throughout my many years of training and education, we can start to bridge the gap between us and the other creatures who share this planet with us. A kinder, more communicative planet can start with you and your own animal companions.

Mastering this unique intuitive skill is important. Being able to communicate with an animal about their emotions will allow them to tell you about a past traumatic event, or that their person is struggling over something they’ve experienced. Once you know that, then you’ll know exactly what to do to help them.

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