TEDx Talk – Animals Are Smarter Than You Think

Have you ever felt like your animal was trying to tell you something?

If your pet is staring at you intently, then they desperately want to tell you something. They don’t understand why you can’t hear them.

If they are behaving badly or are in pain or suffering from poor health, then yes, they are trying to get your attention.

Animals are highly intuitive. They have to be in order to survive.

When they are paying attention, they know how to read your mind. They hear your thoughts, feel your feelings, see what’s in your mind’s eye. They can also sense what’s going on inside your body.

They want to tell you what’s bothering them, where they hurt, what happened to them, what makes them happy, what makes them sad.

Learning to communicate with animals is important because people misunderstand animals not knowing how to speak their language or consider their viewpoints, which gets them into interesting and sometimes awful predicaments.

The biggest reason animals wind up in shelters is because they are misunderstood.

It’s tragic, and heartbreaking. Nobody ever took the time to communicate with them. To find out what they know, to discover their purpose.

I’m Val Heart The Real Dr Doolittle. I’ve also been called a spiritual multidimensional, multi-frequency healer and a master teacher. https://valheart.com

Animals are intelligent, wise and they definitely have feelings.

Animals can be Angels, Teachers, Guides and Healers. When we learn how to recognize, respect and revere animals for who they truly are, they help make us better people because they help us heal, evolve and grow. They are way smarter than you think.

I was a lonely only child with no other human playmates my age within miles around. My best friends were animals, and a mare named Maisie.

I am highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive. I can feel things other people aren’t as aware of. I know things other people don’t. And the animals talk to me, we understand each other.

As a teenager, I would sneak out of the house, go off to the barn and spend time with my horse, Maisie. Manically depressed and even suicidal at times, I would throw my arms around her neck and sob into her mane.

She would look at me with her huge brown eyes, wait until the worst had passed, then I would hear her gentle kind voice in my head asking me, “child, what’s bothering you?” And I would spill my heart out to her. Her loving and patient counsel always helped me. Her wisdom and viewpoints were clear, supportive and trust worthy. I made it through another day.

She was my Angel and my teacher.

I went on to college and went out into the world, got a job, got married. I was so busy and overwhelmed that I sort of forgot to communicate with animals, until one day I realized that my 2 cats were in a crisis situation and I had to do something.

They’d been using my husband’s expensive Bose speakers like a scratching post and my husband wanted to get rid of them and who knows what would have happened to them. I was scared and worried for my furry friends. So as I settled in that day to do my morning meditation, I shifted my focus from going inward to focusing outward to the cats.

I was astonished to see and hear things I didn’t know anything about, and the images and feelings and thoughts just kept coming. All of a sudden, it stopped.

When I opened my eyes, both cats were sitting beside me staring at me very intently, we all took a big breath together. And they never used his speakers as scratching posts again.

That was in November of 1992 and was hugely exciting! Those 2 cats were my Teachers and Guides and both of them taught me so many things, about love, about life, about relationships, and healing and being.

I continued exploring my gifts from there and I went on from there to work with dogs, cats and show horses doing olympic level grand prix dressage, world champion cutting horses, reining, jumping, racing and endurance horses.

Out of my work with animals and the people who love them, I realized that anyone can learn how to talk to animals. So I founded The Heart School of Animal Communication to teach animal lovers how to do what I do at https://LearnHowToTalkToAnimals.com

My vision is a world where everyone knows how to talk to animals. That someday people will look back in amazement and feel sad, wondering why their ancestors didn’t know how to understand or communicate with animals.

My mission is to reach and teach one million animal lovers how to communicate with animals, because I believe that when we do that, together we will change the world.

Why is that important? Because animals are smarter than you think and it’s time you learned how to hear their voices, learn their language, and make a bigger difference in each other’s lives. Get your copy of my free ebook Hidden Secrets to Communicating With Pets at https://LearnHowToTalkToAnimals.com

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