Talking With Animals Is Amazing! My Conversation With Grandfather Snake

All my years talking with animals has provided so many rich experiences filled with new wisdom to be learned. Here is another of them.

Talking with animals is a life-changing experience

Recently I told you about my first encounter with one of my spirit animals—snake.

Today I’m going to tell you how my snake animal totem helped to save my life.

I have so many stories that are based around my time working at the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation. My last post was about a special little fawn and all of his friends in the fawn enclosure, and how through communicating with the fawns I was able to save their lives. This story starts there as well.

One night after I had been feeding the fawns in their enclosure, I was returning along the path to the “big house” carrying the big buckets full of baby bottles which I used to feed the fawns their milk.

We were short on staff, so I was alone that day with only the facility’s director on the large well over 100 acres of Texas hillside country property, and of course, all the animals in our care.

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I was on my way back to clean the bottles and prepare for my next caretaker task. It was dusk and the light was fading, the narrow dirt path wound ahead of me through the brush, trees, and undergrowth of the Texas landscape.

A hot summer day in Texas, I was enjoying the smell of the heated earth and cedar trees, just relishing that moment of being immersed in nature.

The fawns had been hysterical good fun. They had been delighted to greet me and talk to me and had eagerly chowed down their dinner, suckling milk from the over 50 big baby bottles I’d used to feed them. They were happy to tell me about their day and like children asking a myriad of questions.

Talking With Animals: Fawns

Talking with animals can be extremely fun and rewarding, and this was one of those times.

I was feeling good after a job well done and was lost in my thoughts, thinking about how much I loved animals and all the other things I had yet to do that evening.

And so I trudged along the quarter-mile back to the big house, carrying the big plastic buckets with the bottles all clinking against each other.

Then, I saw what looked like a tree branch laying across the path.

I didn’t think much of it, it was just a branch after all. Except as I was about to step over it I thought…

Hold it.

That stick wasn’t there earlier.

There aren’t any big trees nearby that could have dropped such a big limb like that.

How did that get here?

I’m a bit nearsighted and the light was fading quickly. So I bent down to take a closer look at “the branch”.

I didn’t have a flashlight with me, so I had to get really close to see what I was looking at. My face was about a foot away from the object as I squinted to make out what it was.

And that is when I saw it—the distinctive rattlesnake markings.

When what I was seeing sunk in, my eyes opened wide and I stopped breathing and froze in place. The snake was huge—bigger around than my arm and almost six feet long, bigger than most rattlesnakes. It had many rattles on its pointed tail.

“This is a very old and wise snake…”, I thought.

Very slowly, I backed up and stepped away from the big old snake. Walking backward until I was about 8 feet away from it until I could decide what to do.

Talking With Animals: My Conversation With Grandfather Snake

Talking with animals — Grandfather Snake’s Message

I gathered my courage, breathed deep. Using my animal communication skills just like I teach my students, I offered a calm and cordial greeting:

“Good evening, Grandfather. I’m sorry if I’ve disturbed you. I mean you no harm.”

Respectfully, I listened to his reply, and it came right away. Grandfather told me gently and lovingly to be calm, I wasn’t his prey.

He was not hunting me that evening, he said with a twinkle of good humor.

In fact, he told me, he recognized me and my Spirit Animal, my Snake. And because of that connection, we were spiritually and energetically in some ways kin to each other.

I thanked him from my heart and asked if I could pass on by because I needed to get back to the house.

Grandfather said, “Of course! Carry on.”

I wished him well, safely stepped over his long thick body, and continued on my way.

Since then I have had many more bizarre and wild encounters talking with animals including snakes—they have shown themselves to be my spirit animal time and time again.

Like the time I single-handedly gathered over twenty pythons and boa constrictors of all sizes from the snake house at Wildlife Rescue. The heater in their house had failed and they would freeze to death in the cold Texas night, so I had to relocate them to the big house.

Did I mention it was midnight and I was all alone? Before cell phones even existed??

Yep. But that’s a story for another day.

Next time I’ll tell you about how I met my next spirit animal. You won’t believe what happened, it was so cool.

Have you met your spirit animals yet?

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