COVID-19 and Mother Earth Gaia’s Perspective, I Wonder?

Absolutely no one wants to see their loved ones and friends suffer or die from the coronavirus, known as COVID-19.  

No one wants to see tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of humans worldwide get sick or die of a nasty pandemic like COVID-19.

And at the same time I wonder when will humans stop abusing Mother Earth, Gaia?

When will humans listen to what mother earth is saying?

Earth Day and COVID-19

I believe that Gaia is trying to protect herself. When will humans wake up and take proactive steps to protect and help Gaia heal from our abuse over the last 100+ years?

When will the health of our planet, which we rely on for our very existence, be more important than so much of our selfishness and disregard for how our lives impact the planet?


Gaia is trying to survive and protect herself, and in so doing is trying to protect us from ourselves.  It may seem strange to say but there are many benefits to stay at home and lockdown, quarantine orders from the COVID-19 pandemic.  As we watch from our homes, we see that the animals and earth are busy repairing the damage done to atmosphere and our environment from smog/pollution.  

Humans are the only species that go to such an extent to save every life and to extend every life as long as possible.

It is wonderful that we are compassionate and our technology, that saves lives, is amazing.

Why don’t we take a large percentage of that compassion and technology and focus on healing Gaia instead of killing her?

If we set our minds to it, we could achieve true sustainability in a very short period of time.

It only takes commitment, like when President John F. Kennedy committed to going to the moon. It happened very quickly, and amazing new technology was born.

What if population control became a willing decision by humans?

What if instead of having more than one or two biological children, people who had the resources and love would take unwanted children and love and provide for them fully with no reservations? I wonder if a balance in the population would result?

If the unwanted were taken in by those who have the capacity to give, it would make our world a better place for all of us. 

What would happen to COVID-19 if we did that?  I wonder… 

What if life cycle analysis became the first analysis of all decisions and humans did not act if it was not good for the next 7 generations to come, like the Ancient Iroquois Principle of Sustainability dating back to 1142 to 1500 AD? What if? I wonder… 

What if we lived also by the Precautionary Principle? First do no harm. What if? I wonder… 

What if western and other cultures ate a few more plant-based meals every week? What if? I wonder… 

What if we did these things and more? How would Gaia respond? I wonder… 

All plagues have this in common: The underlying fostering (or perhaps I should say festering) problem is human over population density in areas where people are living in unsustainable, unhealthy ways.

Gaia Mother EarthHuman beings were not designed to live cut off from nature.

We’re not designed to lived indoors with very limited access to nature.

We’re not designed to be glued to our “devices” most of the day.

We’re not designed to live in such congestion and density. It is not the natural way of humans.

Only technology has allowed us to circumvent the natural order of things. And we have used this technology for evil as well as good.

It is being prophesied that “life will never go back to the way it was before COVID-19”.

I ask, is that such a bad thing? I wonder…

Is it a bad thing if more people work from home? Resulting in more time at home with their families and less time commuting and using less fossil fuels and subsequently reducing the pollution to our amazing planet.

Is it a bad thing if certain social customs are modified?

Other cultures take their shoes off before entering a home, isn’t that a good thing?

Other cultures bow instead of shaking hands or hugging or kissing cheeks, doesn’t that make sense from a sanitation and respect perspective?

And God forbid, what if we actually respect life and death?

What if we allow humans to decide when it is their time to transition from this plane of existence instead of brainwashing people into thinking death is bad and that being alive at any and all costs is better than transitioning as nature intended. This is not the natural order of things and our wonderful amazing technology may be being misused in an unguided way.

Humans need to take back their dignity and right to decide when it is their time to transition instead of drinking the punch that any life even a life only possible because of technology is better than peacefully passing when it is time without extraordinary measures being implemented to preserve life at any and all cost.

I say this with all love and kindness, there is a difference between being alive and living.

So many of our ancient ancestors knew this and it was respected and revered. 

The collective consciousness is living in such a state of FEAR right now and governments are taking full advantage of that fear.

We are being controlled by fear to a very irrational level.

Please my friends, separate from the fear of the collective consciousness and find your inner peace and joy.

There have always been plagues of one sort or another on earth when areas are overpopulated and out of control.

COVID-19 is a wake up call to balance ourselves and our lifestyles.

I postulate this will continue to be our history if we do not choose to make a change, make changes now.

Gaia is trying to help us see how to save ourselves and live better healthier lives in a more balanced matter. 

As we have learned in Val’s classes and courses, it’s time to connect with Gaia, ask her for advice.

Ask her how you personally can help her, as well as yourself, your animals and others.

What permanent changes can you make in your lifestyle to help Gaia? 

I wonder what positive impact we can have as a soul group?

There are so many great resources available to provide Earth Day inspiration for ideas regarding how we can all reduce our environmental impact.

Check them out, tune into Gaia, make just one change.

It feels good.

Make it part of your practice to regularly talk to Gaia, this is important.  Mother Earth can help you avoid the COVID-19 plague. 

Not just for Earth Day but for life itself. 

Need help healing or hearing Gaia’s (or your animal’s) voices?  Go here to find out about The BodyTalk System and healing work with Val. 


Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

The post is authored by a VIP client and Heart School of Animal Communication and Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club student: Gaia, Kai River Song*, Bella, and Lewis for Earth Day 2020 Guest author name changed for privacy reasons. 

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