Animal Healing: Helping An Aging Dog Express Her Needs

My work in animal healing and animal communication has brought so many rewarding experiences. Every time I have a chance to help an animal and their caretaker heal from trauma or identify and solve the problems they’re experiencing, not only am I helping them but we all learn so much from the experience as well.

Animal Healing: Taffy’s Story

In one of our monthly Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club Live Q&A Coaching calls, one of the students Stephanie* asked for some help with her senior golden lab Taffy. Taffy had been having issues with her vision and her mom was having trouble understanding how best to help her.

What helped? What hurt or made things worse? It’s hard to know without communicating directly with the animal.

Although Stephanie has had Taffy for a long time, she still finds some of Taffy’s body cues confusing. So she asked for help, saying:

“We recently started Taffy on eye drops for dry eyes. First, we tried a liquid drop, but Taffy would rub her eyes after the drops were applied. Please ask Taffy whether the drop was stinging her eyes?

Please ask Taffy: Do her eyes feel better with the new drops? How is her vision now? Has it gotten any better or worse over the last couple of months? What does she want me to know about her vision? Also, she is still limping a lot. How does her body feel? Thank you.”

I tuned into Taffy the way I teach in The Heart School of Animal Communication, and like I always do when conducting a session of animal healing, I started by expressing love for her and acknowledging her for being such a great dog. I thanked her for loving and taking such good care of her mom.

After waiting for the connection to feel strong and clear between us, I began the conversation, asking her:

“Taffy, what’s going on with your eyes? Your mom said you were rubbing your eyes when she put in the liquid drops. Why?”

Taffy said, “They made my eyes sting and burn, then they ached for a while after. I know mom was trying to help but I didn’t like it.”

I said, “Wow, that sucks. Did they help your eyes at all?”

Taffy said, “No, not that I can tell…”

I said, “Got it! Okay, so what happens when mom puts the gel stuff in there?”

Taffy said, “It feels better! And yes, it does help with the burning and itching. And Val? The area behind my eyes aches. It’s worse on the left side…I get a lot of headaches and I don’t like going out in the sun sometimes. I love my walks with mom, but it’s so bright, it makes my headaches worse.”

After listening to her, I replied, “I’m sorry to hear that Taffy. Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s very good information for us to have, so we can help you feel better. Now, can you help me understand your vision? How much can you see these days? Would you show me instead of telling me so I can understand better?”

In my mental monitor, Taffy took me deep inside her experience and showed me exactly what she can see. First, we looked together through her left eye, then her right.

Through this sharing of vision, I was able to see that Taffy’s vision was worse than her mom had suspected.

Her left eye could see mostly light, with some shadows and shapes of objects and colors. They weren’t very clear. And there was a dark area in the lower quadrant of her field of vision where she couldn’t see anything at all.

Her right eye could see even less. It was picking up light, with some shadows and shapes as well, but it looked like there was a hazy film across her field of vision.

Even with this revelation, Taffy was still good-natured. She said to me with a smile, “I might not see very well, but I can hear just fine!”

I smiled back and thanked her for her great sense of humor.

Animal Healing: Helping An Aging Dog Express Her Needs

Animal healing for physical and spiritual growth.

Then, I asked her if I could delve deeper and take a closer look at what’s going on inside the rest of her body using an intuitive medical scanning technique (taught in an Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club Masterclass)

She said yes, so I shifted to energy “MRI” mode (aka, modified medical intuitive energetic scanning in the H.E.A.R.T. System style most commonly used in my private healing work with clients).

After switching to energy scanning mode, I immediately noticed several problem areas in Taffy’s body. I found several areas of swelling and inflammation, as well as numb, colder areas which indicated decreased circulation.

There were also a number of hot areas in her back and hips, and a pain spot on her right hind leg in the stifle area.

As I gently investigated each problem area, I continued the conversation with Taffy, asking her how this felt, what kind of pain it was, and how long it had been going on.

I told her that we loved her and only wanted her to feel better, but she needed to help us understand how to do that. So I also asked her more specific questions to help us understand her experience to the very best of our ability:

“Did anything specific happen to cause this hurt? Did she need anything from us that would help her?”  “Are we were doing anything that is making her feel worse instead of better?”

As you can imagine, knowing the answers to these questions from heart to heart, mind to mind conversation with Taffy was fascinating and very useful.

When we finished, Taffy said she felt better after being able to talk about what was going on with her.

And now mom has new “straight out of the doggo’s mouth” information she can use to help her faithful friend enjoy her later years to the fullest.

Shortly after the Coaching Call ended, I got an email saying:

“Thanks so much, Val! I really appreciate that!! Oddly enough, we have a medical issue with my husband’s eye too. Believe it or not, it’s exactly what Taffy had with clogged eyelid glands with high inflammation which eventually led to her diagnosis of the golden retriever pigmentary uveitis and related cataract!) I was impressed with and appreciated how you were keeping everything moving today in an effort to get to all the other questions too! Again, I — and Taffy — thank you so very much!” Animal Healing: Helping An Aging Dog Express Her Needs


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After all, this journey isn’t just about communicating with animals or healing animals.

It’s also about healing, evolving, and growing into your BEST self.

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* Name changed to protect the student’s privacy

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