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Exploring Animal Telepathy: How to Send a Powerful Message in 3 Easy Steps

Animal telepathy is such an important way to connect with our animal companions beyond what we could ever have imagined is possible.

To help understand telepathy, it helps to know what the word itself actually means. “Tele” derives from the Greek term “tēle-” which means “over distance” or “far off.” “Pathy”, derived from the Greek term “patheia”, refers to “empathy.” As such, telepathy can be thought of as being able to feel empathy or the emotions of others over a distance, and in doing so, being able to transmit information through energy exchange.

It might seem like a difficult concept to understand for those of us who aren’t psychics or mystics. But the truth is any animal lover can practice animal telepathy. You don’t have to consult a crystal ball to truly understand your animal friends or send them your own messages, or receive theirs.

Sending messages to animals through telepathy doesn’t take much time either! Once you understand the simple steps and concepts behind animal telepathy, you will begin to see that you really can talk to your animals on a deeper, energetic level.

Animals know you better than you think they do.

One important concept to remember when contemplating animal telepathy is that your animals already have a very accurate sense of who you are as a person.

If they have been paying attention—which of course they have as you, their caretaker, are the most important human in their lives—they have already absorbed many clues about what you’re thinking and feeling. In fact, they might even know you better than you do!

The animal can see inside your mind’s eye (the images on your mental monitor). They feel the emotions you’re resonating and they can resonate with them as well. They are always trying to figure you out, to understand what you are thinking and how you are going to react to life. Because everything you do affects them.

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Sending a message through animal telepathy can actually be easy if you know the steps. These three simple concepts will help you open up a whole new channel of communication between you and your animals.

Animal Telepathy: How to Send a Powerful Message in 3 Easy Steps

Three Easy Steps to Sending a Message to Any Animal, Any Time, Heart-to-Heart, Mind-to-Mind:


If you don’t know what you want to say, you will only send muddled messages that won’t get anything across at all. This experience could leave both you and your animal confused and nervous to try again.

So before you begin practicing animal telepathy, it’s important that you first get clear on what you want to tell them and why it’s important.

In other words, you have to believe in your message before you can send it.

TIP: A distracted animal is not a receptive animal. So be sure to get their attention first so they are listening to you and aren’t distracted; take them to a quiet, calm spot where they can easily focus on you.

TIP: Be considerate of their particular point of view and consider the story or message from that angle or viewpoint instead of only your own. Don’t forget that they view the world very differently from you, and adjust your message accordingly.


Use a story to get your message across. Storytelling is very effective; while you talk your story throughout loud, it is important that you actually see it in your mind’s eye, as though you are watching a movie play out in your mind. Also, don’t just talk about the feelings and emotions around the story, you must really feel the feelings you are conveying with your words. You want them to feel these emotions as well, so they can know if the story is good/happy/positive or bad/painful/negative.

A great way to remember this is to SEE IT – FEEL IT – SAY IT!

TIP: This is very effective if you are working with a behavioral problem. Using stories, you can explore best-case scenarios with your animal friend. You can also use the story to explore the worst-case scenario, with risks and consequences laid out for them to understand. In this way, you are empowering them to be more informed and make better decisions for themselves.


Now it’s time to put your story to the test.

Animal telepathy is not an exact science. In fact, animal communication is different for every animal and person, which is why you have to keep practicing and watching for results and changes in your animal friend.

Animal communication is a highly subjective, feelings-based, energetic form of communication that goes straight from heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind.

But it isn’t mind control! Watch for subtle changes, such as in your companion’s mood, energy or attitude. You may see immediate results that show they completely understood your message. Or the results may be more ambiguous—maybe they heard you and didn’t agree, or they were confused if you weren’t clear enough. Your job as their caretaker is to inform them as best you can so they can make better choices on their own and understand the consequences of their behaviors.

TIP: Practice being sensitive to their concerns, moods and, energies, during and after the story. If you experience caution or pushback from them, pause there and ask them what’s come up that is causing the hesitation.

Are you going too fast? Are they confused? Have you triggered a negative response in them? If so notice where you are in the story and ask them to help you understand how you can help them.

Be in the space with them, open to what comes up for you to consider or do.

See how easy animal telepathy can be? You can do this!

Sending a message to an animal is as easy as 1-2-3 when you know how.

Animal Telepathy: How to Send a Powerful Message in 3 Easy Steps

As an animal caretaker, learning animal communication can open up a whole new world of connection with your treasured animal friends. It is also a spiritual journey and so much fun too!

As you will discover, animals are deep wells of wisdom and experiences and can tell you the most amazing things. Knowing and practicing these three steps will help you to see the world from a whole new perspective and will make you into a more whole, well-rounded person in the process.

If your goal is to master animal communication, it’s important to know that this is only the beginning. It gets even more rewarding when you begin learning how to receive their messages back to you!

Remember that true heart-to-heart communication is a two-way street. What you communicate to them is only half the story; when you begin to really hear what they have to say, that is when true connection begins.

We need our animals just as much as they need us. In the How to Talk to Animals System, I teach students how to hear their animal’s thoughts, wisdom and emotions so they can take better care of their needs and be better caretakers in general.

You’re on your way! It’s time to learn how to talk to animals. Start here at The Heart School of Animal Communication with your free ebook – Hidden Secrets to Communicating With Pets

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