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The Three Fundamental Animal Talk Principles

If you choose to train with me in The Heart School of Animal Communication and pursue animal talk as either a career path or a way of life, you will find that communication with animals is a spiritual journey that can and will change your life.

Learning this skill will not only change your relationship with the animals in your life, but you will also see changes in your human relationships as well.

The way to experience these amazing changes is to understand the three basic principles of animal talk, then putting my simple three-step process into action.

In this post, I’m going to talk about the three fundamental principles of animal talk. Once you grasp these principles, you are on your way to bridging the gap between you and all the other beings in your life whether they are animals or humans.

The three fundamental animal talk principles.

Once you understand these three fundamental principles for all communications with animals, then you’ll be ready to learn how to send a message to any animal, anytime, about anything which is taught in the free ebook: Hidden Secrets to Communicating with Pets (get your copy here). Animal talk students get extraordinary results with these principles when they apply them correctly.

Principle #1: Animals see you.

3 Fundamental Animal Talk Principles Are The Basis For All Relationships

Okay, I know exactly what you’re thinking. (Because I’m psychic of course!)

You’re thinking, “Val, of course they see me! If I’m in their line of sight, if they’re looking at
me, they see me and I see them! What do you mean?”

Let me explain what happens when I communicate and connect with animals, so you can understand what I am talking about.

Have you seen the movie Avatar? It’s one of my favorite movies. There is a scene in it where the native people, called the Navi say “I see you”.

Simply, it means, they get you. But it goes much deeper than just understanding. They see the essence of you — your soul, your Spirit, who you really are. It’s deep, it’s spiritual, it’s your heart, your Truth connecting you with another being at a deep spiritual level.

So when I say animals see you, that’s what I mean. They are seeing through to the heart of you, your essence, your Spirit, the core of what makes you you.

Of course, they see your body language just like you do theirs. They watch you as you do them. But for them, body language is so much more. They are also reading your unique energetic frequencies and your intent, your attitudes and beliefs, your emotions and your thoughts.

A way to understand this principle of animal talk is to think about it this way: We are spiritual beings disguised in physical human bodies. They are spiritual beings disguised as animals.

So, Principle #1 is that animals see who you really are, both physically AND subtly. If your body
language is closed off, they sense that. If you are feeling impatient with them, they feel it. They see your truth.

The real question is, can you see them?

Look at an animal right now, a living animal or a picture of an animal is fine. If it’s not too hard, you can even do this with a picture of one of the deceased animal companions. Notice what you “see” about their energy. Take a minute and use your imagination to see their aura, the energy field around their body.

If you could see it, what would it look like? How big would it be? What color would it be? Does it seem strong and vibrant or soft, quiet, peaceful? Is it a solid field of energy and/or color, or is it broken, weak in some areas, strong in other areas? What else do you notice?

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Principle #2: Animals hear you!

3 Fundamental Animal Talk Principles Are The Basis For All Relationships

Yes, just like how they see you, the way animals hear you goes beyond the sounds you make.

If you call their name, clap your hands, make noises, shout or yell at them… if they are within earshot and aren’t deaf, then yes, of course, they can hear you!

But let’s dive in a little deeper. When you are talking about animal talk, there is always more than meets the eye (or ear!) that you can hear.

There is a major difference between physical hearing and the more subtle hearing involved in animal communication.

Your tone of voice, volume, timbre, dialect, cadence, are all things that make up your voice and what they hear physically.

But think about what they are hearing when you stop talking. Subtly, they also hear your intention, your meaning behind the odd combination of sounds coming out of your mouth. The same sounds coming from someone else could have entirely different meanings and intentions,
based on the context, attitude, and beliefs behind your words.

Think for a minute…how does a parent know when their baby’s cry means “I’m wet,” or “I’m in pain,” or “I’m scared?”

Ever wonder how a parent actually knows the difference? It’s because they are listening with their heart.

So the real question is, are you really hearing them?

Imagine what might happen if you could magically put a microphone inside their minds, what do you think you might hear them say? What might they be thinking about? If you greeted them or asked them a question, what do you imagine they would say in return?

With the proper training, you can know the exact context behind the sounds they are making, both subtle and physical, on the inside and on the outside.

Principle #3: Animals feel you.

This animal talk principle could easily be the most important one. Most people overlook the power of our emotions in connecting with others. When I talk about emotions, I mean not only our feelings but the way we share our energy, our life resonance, our chi.

This is the BIG one.

Emotions are simply energy in motion. They are generated inside our bodies by our neural network and endocrine system, among other things. Then they resonate deeply in the body and are expressed through the body’s pores, scent glands and via physical expression like body language.

Unfortunately, emotional energy can get disconnected from our conscious mind and awareness. Especially in today’s society where we are constantly bombarded with media that gives us confusing messages about who we are supposed to be, all too often we are trained to suppress our emotions. We are pressured to be polite and politically correct at all times, and to put a mask on so others don’t know what we’re really thinking or feeling.

The result of this is that mentally, you may not be conscious of what you’re feeling in any given moment, and when you do, you are forced to suppress them.

When you have many emotions running rampant below the surface, you may not be able to even give what you are feeling a name or clear expression.

One of the gifts of animals is they can feel all of this. They feel your heart, your spirit, and all the emotions held and expressed through various places in your body.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re upset, or sad, or in pain, that your animal will act differently? Maybe they come to check on you…put their head in your lap offering comfort. Sometimes they will come to stare at you for a long time, trying so hard to share their heart with you, to tell you something they want you to know.

Did you know that animals think humans are incredibly dense?

They worry about us, a lot. They can tell when we are at risk of getting sick, or something is going wrong in our lives or relationships…and they do their best to break through our barriers so they can help us heal.

If you are disconnected from your body, animal talk becomes impossible. You can’t really listen or pay attention to your animal companions because you’re too distracted. When your innate ability to subtly see, hear and feel them is compromised, you become incoherent and confusing to animals.

Your task as an animal communicator is to help them understand you by simplifying your thoughts and gaining clarity about what you really want and need, as well as being fully present, mentally quiet and receptive. If you want to send a coherent, understandable message to an animal, it’s your job to do your inner work first.

Once again, the real question for you to think about here is… can you feel them?

Imagine looking across a room at a friend or stranger. If you immediately know or have a
sense of what they are feeling, whether they are angry, sad, depressed, excited, happy, lighthearted, or in love—if you can do that, and I know you can—then you really can do this!

When you really get good at it, then it’s no longer your imagination, it’s the truth and you become a real animal communicator!

Now you know the 3 Fundamental Principles to communicating with all animals: See – Hear – Feel.

Practice them frequently, with every animal teacher you meet.

Next, you are ready to learn how to send a message to any animal, anywhere, any time!

Are you ready to learn how to send a message to animals? Easy as 1-2-3!  Start here at The Heart School of Animal Communication with your free ebook

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