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How Animal Connection Can Heal Our Own Wounds and Trauma

Animal connection is such a gift and a blessing. But something that many people don’t realize is that animal connection goes so far beyond just playing with, hanging out with them, or even talking to our animals.

If you have a precious animal companion in your life, learning animal connection through animal communication the way it’s taught in The Heart School of Animal Communication can heal you too. Why? Because this is fundamentally a profound spiritual journey that helps you heal, evolve and grow until you become your best self.

The following story about one of my clients really shows how powerful animal connection can be for helping us work through our own traumas and wounds.

Ready to get started? Check out this page to explore the Heart Animal Communication, Problem Solving and Healing consultation options to start on your own healing journey through animal connection.

Dr. Joey’s astonishing story of healing through animal connection.

How Animal Connection Can Heal Our Own Wounds and Trauma

Dr. Joey is a family doctor with a thriving practice in South Padre Island, Texas. He loves his patients and truly loves his work, but his life was turned upside down when tragedy struck his household.

You see, Dr. Joey was single but had four dogs at home who were his best friends in the world and all the family he could ask for. In fact, one of these dogs was so close to Dr. Joey that he swore she was his forever soulmate. It was like they were bonded at the heart and mind, at such a deep level that this kind doctor was convinced that she was his angel on earth.

Tragically, the doctor was devastated when his angel was suddenly taken from him.

His heart was broken.

Animal connection: your animals feel you more than you think.

Dr. Joey’s grief was so intense that his world imploded, becoming a dark, heavy, and very painful place.

He thought, however, that he was keeping his pain inside. In spite of his agony over the loss of his soulmate, he somehow found it within himself to keep going as normal. After all, he had three other dogs to care for and a busy practice of patients who needed him.

But something unexpected happened. His other dogs, who up until now had been a happy, well-adjusted family unit, suddenly became unruly and hard to control. They started fighting amongst themselves; not only that, they became aggressive with other dogs and even people.

They used to love visitors, but now, when a stranger came to the door, they would go into such a frenzy that they would hurl themselves physically against the door so hard the doctor was afraid the glass would break.

And instead of enjoying their walks together like they used to do, his dogs would run him ragged, attacking every little thing and dragging him down the street.

Dr. Joey’s heart broke even further. He couldn’t understand why his dogs were acting this way. No matter what he did, they wouldn’t listen to him and he felt helpless and out of control. Instead of a welcome sanctuary of comfort, rest, and love, his home became a place that he dreaded going to at the end of each day.

The situation was a nightmare…

How Animal Connection Can Heal Our Own Wounds and Trauma

Then, on top of it all, Dr. Joey found out that he had bone marrow cancer. His entire world was thrown off its axis. He sunk into an even deeper depression as he struggled to hold it all together.

One day, a friend of his suggested he contact an animal psychic, a professional animal communicator who could get to the bottom of his dogs’ misbehavior and tell him what was really going on with them. Someone who could help solve his pet problems.

Dr. Joey is a practical person and wasn’t sure what to think about it. Honestly, he wasn’t expecting much. But he was desperate and this specific communicator came highly recommended. He figured, what did he have to lose? He would give it a try.

That’s where I entered the picture.

After just a few sessions of animal communication and BodyTalk for Pets and People Healing (among other therapies), Dr. Joey’s dogs were in much better shape.

Communicating with these suffering dogs revealed the underlying problems they were valiantly trying to figure out how to handle all by themselves.

You see, Dr. Joey had forgotten that his dog soulmate’s death didn’t only affect him. His other dogs, her siblings, were also grieving and trying to grieve with him. They were also perplexed that he wasn’t connecting with them anymore.

They were feeling like he no longer loved them now that the other dog was gone, and they were hurting because of it. Confused, lonely, and sad… they all felt lost and disconnected.

Animal connection can heal both people and pets.

A short time later?

With my help, Dr. Joey’s three dogs were once again well behaved, settled and happy puppies, a joy to be with. They had finally been heard and felt reconnected with their beloved human companion, Dr. Joey.

As for Dr. Joey, he finally started to feel better as he was allowed to find peace and closure from the loss of his forever dog.

He began practicing my simple no-nonsense rules with the dogs. He started talking to them in a way they could understand following my animal talk coaching. And they began communicating very well together like they were in sync. They could read each other’s minds.

The best part of this story, which came shortly after his last session in the form of this wonderful note:

“My bone marrow cancer is gone!”

“Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my forever dog, Satin’s passing. I have successfully moved my clinic this summer. AND my health has received a Miracle! NO more cancer of the bone marrow! My dogs, Duchess, Zoey and Zena are all doing fine. I cannot tell you how much you have changed my life and my dogs, and how I have become alpha once again. Thank You!” – Dr. Joey Laske, South Padre Island, Texas

Wow, right?

What you may not know is that I don’t just work with animals. I’m a highly trained and gifted healer. I am a medical intuitive and advanced PaRama level BodyTalk practitioner, as well as an animal communicator, trainer, and problem solver.

In fact, problem-solving with pets is my specialty. I created the HEART System, a 5 step process for solving problems with pets. It works with every animal, every time.

I’ve intuitively counseled people through career changes, relationships, breakups, and divorce; through major health problems for themselves and/or their animals; and helped them through death, grief, and loss.

Pets often act as messengers to bring their human’s broken and injured heart into a healing space. How do they do that? Through connection, of course.

At the heart of it all, healing people and pets is my specialty.

We need our animals just as much as they need us. In the How to Talk to Animals System, I teach students how to hear their animal’s thoughts, wisdom, and emotions.

Take a moment to consider:

What is the most pressing challenge or concern you have with your life?

What does your pet need help with right now?

If you could experience a huge breakthrough as Dr. Joey did, would you take action?

Perhaps it’s time for you to get the help you need too.

Click here and choose the consulting plan that fits your needs, whether you need communication, problem-solving, healing, or intuitive guidance. I’m here for you and the health and wellness of your pet.

Animals have voices, feelings, wisdom, and Spirits just like we do.

They are messengers.

When things are wrong in their world, they need us to listen to them, to honor and respect them, and to learn from them so we can grow, heal and evolve into our best selves.

Wishing you much love, inspiration, and joy, and enough wonderful memories to cherish for all time.

You’re on your way! It’s time to learn how to talk to animals. Start here at The Heart School of Animal Communication with your free ebook – Hidden Secrets to Communicating With Pets

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