What to do when there’s trouble at the Vet?

I have to share this funny story with you – can you relate to what happened to me and Einstein at the vet’s office?

We went in for his checkup and our vet took Einstein into the back area to draw blood for the lab tests.

Just a few seconds later, I heard the most awful racket!

Screaming, wailing, carrying on – yep, that was MY dog sounding off like he was being eaten by monsters! Yikes!

I sat there frozen with concern and worry imagining the worst what parent wouldn’t?!

A few moments later, our vet poked his head into the exam room with a very harried worried look on his face, and he reassured me that they had NOT done anything to my dog except try to restrain him.

I realized that although I had explained to Einstein what was going to happen, that he was still nervous and a bit upset about it. The way they were trying to restrain him was making him panic. He needed a bit of extra reassurance and direction.

So I quickly communicated with him again, this time with the cue to him meaning to relax, pay attention, and cooperate.

I also told the vet to tell him to Settle verbally. Sure enough, he calmed down immediately and was fine.

I was so thankful that 1) I could communicate with him, 2) I’d had the foresight to teach Einstein the meaning of the word Settle, and 3) that he trusted me enough to follow my direction.

Hyper, sometimes anxious or highly sensitive beings like Einstein need a bit of help that way but then, so do we all, right?

In fact, one of the secrets I teach my clients (and that I teach to my Platinum Masterclass students) is how to give the right direction, clarity, and support when your dog needs it the most.

Learning to communicate telepathically and share life experiences with other Beings is a priceless gift. It allows us to better understand that we are not alone, that we are connected, and that we can help each other.

Much love to you and your furrkids,


Val Heart is called The Real Dr. Doolittle and teaches animal lovers how to connect and communicate from the heart. She specializes in resolving behavior, training, performance, health problems, euthanasia decisions.

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