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8 Fascinating Dog Facts You Need To Know

Having pets can make your life more interesting. Just think of all the fun dog facts you can learn about your new best friend! Being a pet owner can help you stay fit, provide companionship, and lower your stress levels. Having pets will also make it easy for you to make new friends, improve your immune system and teach your kids responsibility.

Pets can easily steal anyone’s heart. This doesn’t only depend on their irresistible faces and unpredictable antics. Pets can do a lot of things and not every pet owner understands what these are.

You can appreciate your pets better by learning the following fascinating dog facts:

1. Your Dog’s Nose Is Wet Because It Helps Them Absorb Scent Chemicals

Contrary to popular belief, seeing that your dog’s nose is wet is not a cause for concern. In fact, dog’s noses are supposed to be wet because this allow them to absorb scent chemicals from their surroundings so that they can easily use their sense of smell.

Dog’s noses naturally secrete a special mucus that makes it amazingly easy for them to absorb scent chemicals. When a dog licks the mucus, it can understand what the smell is and where it’s coming from.

2. Newfoundlands Are The Best Life Guards

Dogs are a man’s best friend but do you know that certain breeds play this role better? Newfoundlands, for example, are considered to be the best lifeguards anyone can have because they have webbed feet and water-resistant coats. These characteristics allow the dog to easily jump into the water and rescue drowning people. Besides, innovative strategies such as BodyTalk for Animals can help you easily recover from injuries.

3.  It’s Common For Dogs To Eat Feces

A lot of pet owners usually freak out the moment they see their dogs eat feces. This is especially true for first-time pet owners. If you see your pet doing the same, don’t worry as, although this isn’t the most pleasant of dog facts, this is perfectly normal behavior.

Ever since their pre-domestication days, dogs have been eating their feces and other fecal matter. This behavior is common among puppies, and older dogs grow out of it as they age.

4. Dogs Have A Sense Of Time

This might come as a surprise but dogs have a sense of time. If you take your dogs for a walk every day around four in the afternoon, expect that they’ll be waiting for their leashes at the same time every single day. Dogs can predict future events, especially if you’ve trained them to do specific activities at the same time every day.

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5. Dogs Can Get Jealous

It’s common for pet owners to get more than one pet. If you’ve enjoyed taking care of a puppy until it grows up, you’ll likely add a couple of more pets to the family. This may improve the lives of pets but this can make your first pet jealous. Dogs are known to get genuinely jealous if they see their owners spending time or displaying affection for other pets.

6. Dog’s Ears Are Pretty Impressive Too

It’s common knowledge that a dog’s sense of smell is better than that of humans. This is one of the reasons why dogs are trained to sniff drugs and follow trail scents of specific individuals. But aside from these, are you aware that your dog’s sense of hearing is also as amazing as their noses?

By properly positioning their ears in the right direction, dogs can pick up a host of sounds that humans can’t hear. It’s believed that dogs tilt their heads to one side because this is their way of locating the source of a sound.

7. Dog Noses Are Not The Same

Although they may look similar, no two dogs have the same noses. You can think of your dog’s noses as their fingerprints – each dog having unique patterns of creases and ridges on its nose.

8. Tail Wagging Has Its Own Language

Pet owners immediately think that their dogs are happy when they see their tails wag. However, this isn’t always the case as dogs wag their tails for different reasons. Some dogs wag their tails when they are happy, while other do it when they feel scared. Wagging low can mean that your dog feels insecure, and rapid tail wagging accompanied by dilated pupils and tensed muscles can signal aggression.

Appreciate More

Being a pet owner can be tough as you have to spend time and effort in taking care of your furry friends. You also have to spend money on buying the right products for them and visiting vets regularly. Accomplishing all of these can be challenging at some point. However, once you learn some dog facts and understand how interesting these creatures are, you’ll surely appreciate them even more!

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Photo by La Miko from Pexels

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