What Can We Learn From Animals? The Smallest Creatures Can Teach The Biggest Lessons

What can we learn from animals? The answer to this question is vast—from little life lessons to the biggest moments of clarity and enlightenment, our wise animal friends have so much to teach us.

And sometimes the biggest lessons can come from the smallest teachers of all! The following story perfectly illustrates how communication with animals can result in the most surprising revelations.

What can we learn from animals: The brave mouse who changed my life forever.

Years ago, when I was beginning my journey as an animal communicator, I was working as staff at a Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation organization. It was incredibly hard work; mentally, physically, and emotionally, I was challenged every day to reach beyond my limits of what I thought I was capable of as an animal caretaker and communicator.

I encountered all sorts of animals, big and small, friendly, and ferocious. They all showed me what we can learn from animals in their own way.

But it turned out to be a tiny mouse whose bravery changed my life forever…

Late one night as I was working the overnight shift alone, caring for the hundreds of ill and injured creatures of all species, I got a call from Tim, the director. He told me it was time to feed a five-foot python who was very ill and had not eaten in several weeks. I was dismayed to hear that what I was going to feed it was, a live mouse.

I loved all of the animals at the shelter, even the mice! It left me heartbroken. How could I possibly choose a mouse to be fed to the snake, and then give it to him? But there was no way out—I was alone on staff and it had to be done. The responsibility fell to me.

I felt absolutely dismayed, heartsick.

The snake was resting in a large dog kennel that had a heating pad beneath it. The reptile was so big it filled the bottom six inches of the kennel with its huge, scaled coils. He would occasionally poke his head out of the kennel bars, but his body was too large to escape or to go very far.

He was getting weaker and weaker with every hour that passed by.

It was up to me to feed him and ultimately help him on the road to recovery. But I was terrified. How could I possibly choose another living creature to doom to death?

The most noble mouse.

The facility kept a large terrarium with at least fifty mice, for the sole purpose of feeding the various predator animals who would only eat live animals. It was a necessity as these animals needed to eat to get their strength back.

I’d never had to do this task before. I was in such conflict about it, it was agonizing.

The mouse community was a joyful one. They happily played all day long in their environment that was built just for them, with tunnels, mice-sized playground equipment, things to climb and explore, and plenty of food and water. It was a happy place, with older mice, boys, and girls, aunts and uncles, parents, and babies.

If you looked in at the terrarium at any given time, you always saw lots of mice out and running around all over the place, enjoying their home to the fullest.

But as I hung up the phone and looked over at the mice, what do you think I saw?

Not a single mouse.

Incredibly, every last mouse had immediately disappeared deep under their bedding. It was as quiet as a tomb, nothing stirring. The place looked abandoned. It was clear they had heard the discussion and they knew exactly what was to come.

What Can We Learn From Animals? Big Lessons From a Small Creature

What can we learn from animals? Courage.

With tears in my eyes, I gathered my courage, my respect, and my love and I slowly went to the terrarium.

I stood before the empty cage in silence, praying for strength. I reached out to the mice, mind to mind, heart to heart, hoping they would hear me and offer me some guidance.

If you would like to know how to do this, it is taught in my Beginning Core Foundations Course.

After a moment, I connected with the matriarch of the mice community (something I teach students how to do in the Advanced Animal Talk Mastery Course).

I carefully explained the situation and asked her for her help. Then I stood still and respectfully waited for a response.

A few long minutes later, a small white mouse climbed out of the bedding and stood tall on one of the play tunnels facing me.

Standing on his hind legs, the little guy reached up to me with its little nose twitching. I knew that it had something to say to me so I listened carefully.

He said: “Pick me. I am willing to sacrifice my life for my family. I love them, and I feel this is my purpose. I’ve said my goodbyes. I go with my family’s blessing and appreciation. I am ready to face the snake. It’s a good day to die.”

“It’s a good day to die.”

With tears running down my face, I acknowledged his decision and the courage it took to make it, from this tiny little creature. I thanked his listening family community from the bottom of my heart and paid respect and love to him for his noble sacrifice.

Next, I put my hand down beside the mouse and waited as he deliberately and carefully climbed onto my hand.

I could feel his energy growing big and expansive. At that moment, it felt like he had become a warrior spirit in that darling little white mouse body.

I walked over to the snake in its kennel. I hesitantly asked the mouse one last time: “are you sure?”

The mouse responded clearly, “Yes.”

So I lowered my hand next to the steel bars and waited. I didn’t have the heart to put the mouse inside. He could have run away at that moment, and you know what? I would have felt glad and relieved. But to my amazement, the brave mouse stepped off of my hand of his own volition and entered the snake’s den.

I prayed for the highest good for them both.

I wiped my eyes, blew my nose, and shook it off, and went away to care for the other animals in the facility.

Later, I returned to the kennel to see what had happened.

Amazingly, the white mouse was still alive and resting there in the kennel with the snake. He had not been eaten, nor had he escaped through the kennel bars. They seemed to be coexisting peacefully together.

I don’t know what happened after that because it was very late and my shift ended. I went home after a quick check-in, offering my love and deepest respect for the mouse.

What I do know is that the courage I witnessed through my communication with that mouse forever changed me.

What else can we learn from animals?  Everything.

There are heroes everywhere, even in the littlest creatures among us.

Just like humans, animals have their own side of every story to tell.

Animals are sentient, intelligent, wise beings. They are Angels, Teachers, Guides, and Healers. When we learn to recognize, respect, and revere them for who they truly are, they make us better people.

I will never forget that brave little mouse, and the monumental strength and sacrifice he demonstrated that day. His act of selflessness remains.

Take the time to talk to the animals today, okay? What they tell you may literally rock your world.

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