Top Tips for Communicating with our Animal Friends

By Madeleine Walker

Working as an animal communicator, horse and rider trauma consultant and empowerment coach, I am often asked how people can get started when they want to learn how to “talk” to animals!

Love and respect are the two most important things to remember when communicating with our wonderful animal friends and never underestimate their wisdom! It never ceases to amaze me, just how aware they are about our physical and emotional issues and they love to help us in making sure we are as happy and healthy as possible. So it is only right that we should be just as vigilant for them. By learning to listen to their needs and advice we learn so much about ourselves and they very often “mirror” what is going on for us in their behaviour patterns and even take on physical symptoms for us.

So I always recommend before you start to try and hear what animals are “saying”, to sit quietly and really connect with your heart centre. It might help to close your eyes, so that you can really concentrate and focus on your task. Feel your heart opening like a beautiful bloom and imagine sending a silver or golden line, or beam of light, to connect with the heart centre of the animal. Imagine pouring as much love as possible along that line or beam. I also ask permission to connect with the animal with the deepest respect.

If you are just starting and want to practise, start with something simple like asking what might be their favourite food or friend, or a favourite place they like to be. It might be useful to have a notepad and pen to jot down whatever comes to mind as you learn to strengthen your telepathic skills. We all have these skills innate within us; it’s just that we have been programmed to think that telepathic communication could be considered as something weird and something that only certain people can do.

Working with your own animals can be a little more difficult as your emotions can get in the way and because you “know” them so well, you may dismiss your findings as “just your imagination” or wishful thinking. When you receive information that can be verified by the owner, even though it might have appeared nonsense to you, you know you can begin to trust your intuition and guidance from the animals.

Another way that I work, if my clients are overseas is to hold and concentrate on some of the animal’s hair that the owners have sent along with a photograph. You can amaze yourself by just starting to write whatever comes into your head. This may take the form of pictures, or what seems rather like a video clip of the animal’s experiences. Physical feelings, sounds, smells or even taste can be experienced. I had a case once where I heard Spanish being spoken and this was for an English client, so I thought I had got it wrong until I discovered that the little dog I was working on was rescued in Spain! Of course it is also vital that you relay any of your findings with the utmost integrity and care. Animals evoke strong emotions, especially if you are communicating with an animal that may have passed over, this is a very sensitive area and any information must be given with total compassion and empathy.

Always finish by thanking the animal for its help and patience. I often feel that animals are so much more in tune with our energies and nature than we are and that THEY are our teachers and guides. It must be so frustrating for them, when they try their hardest to alert us to some issues that need addressing either within the family or environment and we fail to understand what they are trying to tell us. This can result in some very challenging behaviour by them and many animals can put their homes and sometimes their very lives at risk, by doing this.

We need to remember that animals are so much more than just a dog, cat or a horse, they are multi dimensional beings and I am passionate about raising people’s understanding of this. I also believe that animals can choose to reincarnate to come back to us to continue a loving relationship, which illustrates just how committed they can be to maintain their deep connection to us. We really need to become more aware of their messages and act upon them, so practise, practice, practise! Good luck and happy chatting!

Madeleine is a horse and rider trauma consultant based in the UK, but travels extensively to work with creatures in their natural habitat, especially Cetaceans. She runs clinics for animals and people and provides distance readings and healing. She is also a columnist and author. For more information, check out her website

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