Animal Souls and Reincarnation with Jenny Smedley on The Real Dr. Doolittle Show™

Is there a Real Dr Doolittle?  Yes, there is!

Welcome to our Show on Talking to the Animals! I want to teach you what I know so you can learn how to talk to your animals, why it’s important to hear your animals viewpoints and how reconnecting with animals makes you a better human. Reconnecting with animals helps us be better humans, and is an exciting journey into Self, the nature and reality of our world, a behind-the-scenes look at the complex interactions between us all. Any animal lover can learn how to communicate with animals, you can too!

ReincarnationJenny Smedley, bestselling author, celebrity, and columnist, has had an empathy with animals since she was two years old. She has written many books, and has two best-sellers on the topic of pet souls for Hay House – Pets Have Souls Too, and Pets Are Forever. Her newest, My Dog Diary 2013, and My Cat Diary 2013.

Jenny currently writes regular columns for its fate, Fate & Fortune and Soul & Spirit magazines in the UK, Take 5 in Australia, and Lucky Break in New Zealand. For two years she hosted her own spiritual chat show on Taunton TV, interviewing people such as David Icke and Reg Presley, and has been a guest on 350 radio shows worldwide. (Includes Iceland, South Africa, USA, UK, Australia.)

She has appeared on many radio and TV shows, both in the UK, USA, Ireland and Australia. Her most recent guest appearance was on the Richard Bacon Show on Five Live. She has been featured too many times to list, in print media, from the USA to Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, and China. Jenny lives with her husband of 40 years, Tony, and their reincarnated dog, KC, in The Blackdown Hills area of the beautiful county of Somerset in England.

Jenny Smedley Answers Some Very Insightful Questions:

* What is your earliest memory of communicating with an animal?

* What is reincarnation, and how did it change your life dramatically

* Why do you believe animals have souls?

* What special pets have you owned?

* You say in Pets Have Souls Too that you have a dog that has reincarnated – how do you know? 

You can learn more about Jenny and what she does by visiting her website at

Contact Jenny to tell her your amazing animal stories, so that she can immortalize you in future books. Start helping animals throughout the world to be understood and valued, and treated with respect and kindness. Get involved. All it takes for evil to happen is for good men to do nothing.


SHARING IS GOOD! My mission and passion is to improve the lives of animals the world over by helping humans learn how to speak their language, understand their viewpoints and heal. After all, our love of animals helps us learn how to be better humans, and the more balanced and healthy we are, the more balanced and healthy they can be too. Would you help me reach more animal lovers by passing my Podcasts, Tips and Newsletter on to your animal loving friends?


ABOUT ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: Learning animal communication is an exciting journey into the Self, the nature and reality of our world, a behind-the-scenes look at the many complex interconnections between us all, and the real truth about relationships. It’s also about discovering how to connect at deeper levels with other beings. My hope is that this course proves very useful to you in many ways. Learning to master animal communication takes a lifetime of study, practice, and education. But don’t be scared! Any animal lover can learn how to talk with animals if they’re willing to put the time and effort into learning how. You can too! Click here to view my beginning course on animal communication.


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