Resolving Animal Behavior Problems With Your Dog, Cat or Horse

Before we talk about solving animal behavior problems, consider how much time you spend going over things that have happened to you, reliving old conversations, events or experiences

How much time do you worry about the future?  About what’s going to happen later today, what you still have to do, what you’re doing tomorrow, this weekend or next month? Nothing wrong with that except this… To your animal, it means “nobody’s home” and can result in Animal Behavior Problems.

You’re not there, present 100% with them.  And that leads them to do all kinds of things to get your attention.  Acting out, behaving badly, even getting sick… all because you’re not paying attention.animal behavior problems with dogs

It also encourages them to try to figure you out – you’re like a giant puzzle in their life.  Who are you anyway?  They worry about you… because it’s not normal in the animal kingdom to not be conscious, aware, fully present at all times.  If they did that, they wouldn’t survive!

But what do most of us humans do?  We’re busy, mentally, emotionally and physically  We are either thinking about the future or the past.  We got static on the brain and are constantly multitasking.

Our fast paced, highly technological culture presents a huge problem for your dog, cat and horse and is a source of much confusion, harm and even benign neglect, which can lead to Animal Behavior Problems. We’re simply not consciously aware or fully present with them.

They have an infinite wisdom and knowledge they could share with you… All you have to do is pay attention.

When your cat jumps on your lap or pats you with their paw or purrs so loud you can hear them across the room, they have something important to share with you.

All animals but especially cats are unhappy with your lack of presence.  They’ll do the darndest things to get your attention back to the present where it belongs.  Like rearranging your desk, peeing anywhere they choose to, hiding out, attacking you when you least expect, crying all the time, even resorting in extreme cases to angrily biting and scratching you with their lethally sharp claws… ouch!  Those are classic cat examples of Animal Behavior Problems.

To resolve this problem, you must learn to be fully present so you can listen to them through the power of animal communication.  Resolving any bad behavior problem starts with presenting yourself properly and having a heart to heart conversation. That helps you know where the trouble is actually coming from… are they confused?  Is there a problem in their environment?  Are they afraid?  Angry?  Have they lost their trust in you, your family or life?  Are they not feeling well?

The first part of solving any problem is identifying it properly in the first place.

If you’re having a problem with your animal, they are asking you to pay attention.  You can prevent a lot of problems just by listening to them, being fully present.

One of my clients, Laura, had a cat who was in serious trouble.  Barney hid in the closet all the time, he cried a lot, he slept a lot. He wasn’t using his litter box.  He wasn’t eating and had lost so much weight he was just skin and bones.  Laura spent a great deal of money, time and effort trying to find out what was wrong with him with little result.

Laura was afraid he was dying, and she was right, he would have died if she hadn’t contacted me when she did.  He was stuck in a lot of emotional and mental pain and couldn’t find his way out of the dark place.

When I talked with him, I had to be fully present and listen to him very carefully.  It turned out that he’d had a frightening experience at the vets when they did his dental cleaning that he needed to talk about. Once he understood what had happened to him, he felt safe to resume his life and be the happy, laid back, loving kitty companion he’d always been.

In the Learn Animal Communication in one Weekend- Virtual Retreat, we practice a powerful exercise designed to teach you how to be fully present, peaceful, consciously aware.  Not only does this exercise improve the quality of your life, it’s an incredibly powerful state of being. cat behavior problem hissing

Your animals need you to be here now in order for you to help them, to hear them, and to protect them.

Want to feel how it feels to be fully present, alive, and able to connect and communicate with your animals so you can resolve your Animal Behavior Problems?  You can easily shift your energy in just a few simple steps.

Notice any tension in your body, and rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10.  How present are you right now? One on the scale is not at all present and 10 is being fully 100% present.  Any answer you get is fine, there is no right answer. Just take a minute to notice where you are right now.

Now, breathe deeply, relax and be heavy in your chair, and drop any tension in your body starting from your head and flowing through your fingers and toes into the earth. Let yourself calm and settle.

Notice any busy thoughts and give yourself permission to give them appropriate attention later, but not right now.  Next, give yourself permission in body, mind and spirit to be fully present right now.

Focus on and feel your heart.  Image your animal friend and let yourself feel how grateful you are they are in your life.  Now, open your eyes and notice what’s different.  Where are you on the scale now?  What has changed with your animal?

Empower yourself by deciding right now to make a habit of being fully present each and every day.

A funny thing happens when you do that.  Others will feel more present too, your animals will be able to share their heart and mind with you more, and your relationships will have the opportunity to go deeper, become richer, and more nurturing.

Are you ready to deepen your connection with animals and start solving the animal behavior problems you’ve been experiencing?  Start by learning to speak their language! 

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