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Animal Communication Can Fix the Problems You’re Having With Your Pets

Animals come into your life for a reason.  I call them angels, teachers, guides and healers.  Do you know who you are living with?  What their soul contract or purpose is?  How do we find that out?  

Through animal communication of course, which is the first step in solving problems with pets! 


I know sometimes, they can drive you nuts! 

Do you sometimes feel like your pet is trying to tell you something? 

Are they hurting, in pain or confused? 

Why does your pet act out with bad behavior? 

Why aren’t they performing well? 

Are they unhappy? 

Are they getting ready to make their transition? 

Do you have a soul contract, life’s purpose together, and if so, what is it? 

What you don’t know yet is hurting you and your pet.

I’m Val Heart, and I’ve been solving problems with pets professionally since 1993 using the gift of animal communication. Animals have taught me a lot, incredible things that have changed my life and the lives of my clients.

For instance, where do problems with pets really come from? 


There are two reasons: 

1) It’s either because you’ve not been listening to them and talking through what’s coming up for them in a timely way, or

2)  Because you’re disconnected and they are unhappy, or a combination of both.   

This is what happens when you don’t talk and have that all important meeting of the minds, sharing of the heart, getting in sync with your purpose together.  

Then we have to factor in the Human Animal BodyMind Connection phenomenon.  


What does that mean?  It means your pet mirrors you!  That means they act out and reflect back to you your own inner wounds, stress and diseases. They carry those things in their body, and it can make them sick, depressed and unhappy.  Until we unravel that complicated energetic knot, you’ll both suffer and you can even wind up losing them before their time. 

Why is it important to communicate with your pet? 


Because until you do, you won’t know what they know, how they really feel, or what their viewpoint is.  If you don’t do that, then you’ll be chasing your tail on expensive guesswork with often little or no results to show for the expense, time and effort. 

Check with your own inner guidance system right now.  Does any of this resonate with you? 

Not all animal communicators are created equally. You want the right person for the job.  You want someone who resonates with you and your pet, someone you can trust to guide you correctly.  Someone with experience in helping in situations like you’re facing. 

I specialize in solving problems with pets using my 5 step HEART System. I’m not here to tell you what you already know or just intuit what your pet is thinking without helping you both solve the problem.  I’m here for the deeper truth, the one that goes deep, the attitude adjustment, the epiphany moment of breakthrough where your entire relationship changes, for the better.

So if you curious about my work and want me to tell you what color your pet’s food dish is, or what their favorite toy or game is, I’m not the right communicator for you.

Deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing for people and pets is one of the things I do best, including intuitive medical scanning, improving behavior and performance, and then when it’s their time to transition, I can help you through that too, and then reconnect on the other side. 

So what do you want to have happen with your animal? 


Click Here and let’s get started.


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