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11 Best Ideas to Start a Pet Business in 2017 (Did You Spot Them All?)

Are you passionate about pets? Would you love to earn a living from a Pet Business? Do you suddenly feel despondent because you sucked at biology and couldn’t become a vet? Or perhaps you don’t have the capital to open up a pet store? Fear not. Your dreams are not dashed.  Here are some of the best ideas for pet business start-ups in 2017 suitable for every talent.


Specialized Strolling Services

Active people who enjoy the company of dogs can advertise a walking service. Take dogs for a stroll around the block or to the park.  Some have taken this further and become coaches offering canine clients full workout sessions! You can even take dogs out in a stroller as this is one of the in-things for 2017!


Canine/Cat Chef, Cook and Caterer

Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Why not cook or bake treats exclusively for pets? You could make your culinary delights healthier or more affordable than major brands. An up-and-coming trend for vegetarians is to feed their animals the same type of cuisine. Why not offer customization and make once-off birthday cakes?  Best of all is you don’t need to a bakery or restaurant. Sell your kitchen creations online or start a traveling fast food outlet.


Professional Poop Picker

Pet BusinessYou don’t need any special talents to provide a poop scooper service. Owners will actually pay you to come clean the dog doody from their yards regularly. Some companies even offer cat litter box cleaning.


Furry Friend Fashionista

If you are good at sewing or knitting, you can make one of a kind pet fashions. Think coats, scarves, hats, bandanas and collars. What’s more, you can be creative and coin it with costumes for special occasions like Christmas and Halloween. Again, you can sell your creations online.  Crafty individuals that aren’t that fond of fashion can look into making toys instead.


Canine/Cat Cleaner, Clipper, Comber, and Cropper

Pets need grooming. If you enjoy bathing, trimming, shaving, nail clipping and basic coat care you have a business. Hip groomers even dye their furry clients in out of the ordinary shades!  No parlor required either – practice your profession at your client’s home or have a mobile unit.


Trusted Trainer and Tutor

This is the only one on our list where certification is preferable but so is patience. Trainers can specialize in obedience, agility, or housebreaking. One-on-one tutoring can take place in the comfort of your student’s home or you can give group classes in the park or other community locations.


Canine/Cat Caretaker

Here are two options. The first is to babysit pets in-house when the owners are out or you Pet Businesscould run a doggy daycare center where furbabies are dropped off for a few hours.  This is not the same as a pet hotel where animals stay for an extended period of time but that is another pet business idea.



Professional Pet Photographer

Pet BusinessDo you have an eye for a great picture behind a camera’s lens? If so, you can offer to take beautiful portraits of beloved animals as a pet photographer. Let your creativity flow and pose pets in interesting locations with accessories to boot.  If you can paint or sketch you can do the same and give folks a breathtaking memory to display on the wall. 


In Conclusion

Are you inspired? Have you found your calling? Actually, I have made my pet passion my money maker by blogging about them! With the internet nowadays, the world is your oyster. Even better there are like-minded people who have businesses marketing pet businesses like Pet Business Solutions! They will be sure to help you and don’t forget to tell your vet. So… what’s stopping you?


About Bio:

I’m Cindy Grant, founder of NolongerWild.com and also a crazy fan of dogs, cats and all kinds of in-house little cute pets. Feel free to read all amazing things about Pet’s Breed, Training, Behavior, Food and Health on my blog. With such big passions in pets, I strongly hope NolongerWild will be a friendly community where I can connect with those who share the same hobby.

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