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How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Coyotes

Coyotes can be attracted to your home or pets for any number of reasons, so you should always do what you can to ensure you have some preventive methods to repel wild creatures and discourage potential dangers. Some really simple and effective ways often recommended or mentioned by the Humane Wildlife Control Society to repel coyotes (and many other kinds of animals) include but are not limited to:

Fences: A pretty obvious and effective way to clear out unwanted pests is through the use of a fence around your property or pet’s environment. You should try to get something sturdy, but you don’t have to go out of your way to build a fortress either. Just something that won’t fall over if tackled by a running animal.

It’s best that you aim to have it around 5 to 7 feet tall while also ensuring it is deep enough in the ground to keep out burrowing animals who’d otherwise try to sneak in from below. Around 2 feet deep should be enough.

Keep yard clear of food: Another simple solution is to ensure your backyard or garden isn’t full of leftover food or garbage as this can attract not just coyotes but any other kind of wild animal that may be living nearby.

You’ll also want to make sure that any outdoor bowl or eating area is also clean as you don’t want any coyote to try and fight your dog as they try to steal their food. A clean yard can deter nearly any kind of animal as they’ll be unable to find either food or wanted nesting materials.

Maintain vigilance and use a leash: This applies when taking a walk outdoors with your pet. You’ll always want to keep your dogs on a leash so you can keep them from running off into the woods chasing after a small animal or large predator.

Similarly, you’ll also want to keep a good eye out on your surroundings at all times as your dog might accidentally try to search a burrow or nest which could easily provoke an attack even in your own backyard.


Be wary of keeping water outdoors: Animals can be attracted by water as much as food if it happens to be a particularly dry season that’s been making it hard for wild creatures to stay hydrated. Don’t leave water bottles out as mentioned above with the yard cleaning, but also try to keep any water bowls inside. Feeding your pets indoors can prevent many issues and will simplify any future cleaning required to keep your yard safe.

Use simple devices to scare off coyotes: A good way to repel coyotes is by using timer or motion-activated sound and light devices that will scare animals from getting too close to your pet or house. But, try to keep things as straightforward as possible as using too many devices could scare coyotes to the point of violence and wild behavior.

You want to trigger flee responses not fight ones by making it seem like going near your pet or house isn’t worth it. It’s also important to avoid rigging up anything that could hurt a coyote because that may also provoke dangers from either fighting for survival, or just from the hassles of dealing with a corpse in your yard.

Overall, these are some of the easiest ways to keep a coyote from trying anything funny with your beloved pets. Protecting your pets is not difficult, as these are all simple things you can do or should have easy access to. For more information on how to keep coyotes away, click here.

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