7 Great Ways To Help You and Your Pet Through Coronavirus Stay at Home Isolation

We are living through strange times, my friend.  I’m not the first person to express that sentiment, and far from the last, but it seems impossible – if not inappropriate – to not acknowledge how much our world has changed in such a short time. Coronavirus pandemic is an extraordinary event in all our lives, and it didn’t even exist just a short time ago.  corona virus and pets

Hopefully it will be over soon, but what will you do in the meantime?  How can I help guide you through the coronavirus isolation so you come out better than ever on the other side?

Stay at home orders, isolation, quarantines, face masks, sick and dying people, worrying about our friends, family, pets and, well, literally everyone right now.  It makes us feel a bit crazy pants, doesn’t it?  

A lot of prayers for those affected, both the sick and the doctors and nurses and care staff trying to save their lives at the risk of their own.  And what about our essential service providers, also risking their lives while trying to help others. We owe them all a debt of gratitude and appreciation. 

That said, I hope you’re well and safe and sane. I am at least two of those things and I’ve devoted a good deal of time to baking and excavating a cluttered portion of my garage with my darling husband Joern. I can’t imagine a better partner to go through this with. And our two puppy dogs, Timmy and Samwise, are doing a fantastic job of helping too.

This is tough and overwhelming for many of us.

And offering a few fun things for you to do won’t change that.

But it will give you something better to do other than refreshing social media and watching the news, neither of which is good for any of us, ever.

Here are 7 Great Ways To Help You Through Coronavirus Stay At Home Times!

Here are some of my favorite things:

1. Wonderful books to read to inspire, delight and provide a bit of escapism! 

I’ve always been an avid reader and often am reading more than one book at a time. I’ve put many of my most favorites in my Amazon Store. From spiritual growth to historical romance to sci fi and fantasy, they’re all there! For instance:

The Right Questions

The 5 Love Languages

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

The Mastery of Love

Mutant Message Down Under

And many, many more!

Find your next good read here

2. Want some really good animal books?

I’ve been reading and learning about animals all my life!  And if you’ll check out my grey hair you’ll know that’s a LONG time.  I’m not older than dirt, yet, but sometimes it feels like it. 

The good news is, there are SO many fantastic books about what’s near and dear to our hearts, our animals.  Check out my collection of fav books for dogs, cats and horses!

3. Learn about animal communication from my colleagues, professional animal communicators!

Designed as a mini-training series for animal communicators, I interviewed many of my fellow professional animal communicators about how they got started being the voice for animals.

And I asked each of them for a great mini-teaching tip too which you can put to good use right away.  FREE!  Check it out here

4. Do you enjoy listening to Podcasts? You’ll love this!

There are well over 100 wonderful Real Dr Doolittle Podcast Show episodes on itunes, YouTube and my blog.

I interviewed authors, trainers, healers, psychics and more.  The interviews are All FREE!  Check them out here

5. Speaking of Blogs, have you seen all the wonderful stories on the Animal Heart Talk Blog?

There are well over 800 wonderful posts on the www.ValHeart.com blog which is dedicated to health and wellness for animals and people.

And there are tons of great animal communication posts on The Heart School of Animal Communication School www.LearnHowToTalkToAnimals.com blog too. 

They should keep you royally entertained for quite awhile. 

6. Still want some news but don’t want to feel overwhelmed with bad news?

Mainstreaming negative, horrifying and bad news is a really bad idea most of the time, and now it’s worse than ever. I don’t watch television news shows anymore. I get my news once a day through two of my fav cellphone apps which give me a digest overview.

My favorites are SmartNews and Flipboard.  You can find them in your app store, and they are customizable so you can tell them what kind of news you want to know about, and what you don’t.

7. And of course, NOW is the perfect time to advance your animal communication intuitive skills!

Which of The Heart School courses have you done? Which are still on your to do list?  

You’ve got the time, they’re all fully guaranteed, and you love your animals more than butter pecan ice cream, cookies and sourdough bread, right? 

Now is a great time to advance your animal communication and intuitive abilities. 

You’ll be so glad you did!

Great place to start!

Main Courses:


Special Interest Courses:

Bottom line:  Stay safe, be well.  Use your time wisely so you come out of this better than ever.

Talk to your animals while you still can.

Do you have favorite things that are helping you that aren’t on the list?  Share them! 

Bottom Line: You Can Stay Sane, Heal, Evolve and Grow While Staying at Home

Leave your comment below. 

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