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How to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Having at least one cat in the household keeps everyone entertained with their soft fur, playful antics and purring confirming their happiness. When you are a proud cat owner, keeping your cat healthy ensures that they will be around this year and the next to share every day with you. Here are some ideas on how to keep your cat in the best health.

Cats with Sensitive Stomachs

Some cats are picky eaters. However, this can sometimes be due to the fact that they dislike getting an upset stomach every time they eat. There is some good sensitive cat food available from retailers such as Nature’s Menu – much of it free range and well balanced – to deal with the problem. Varieties of healthy food include those with tuna, turkey, duck, chicken, and high protein versions too.

Avoid feeding your cat too much dry food in their diet. It can often contain an excessive amount of carbohydrates that will make them put on weight in an unhealthy way. With overeating, cats can develop Type II Diabetes in just the same way that humans do. Also, bear in mind that unlike with dogs, cats cannot be vegetarians; nor can they handle a carbohydrate-heavy diet plan.

Brush Their Fur to Reduce Malting

Brushing your cat’s fur to remove loose hair is an excellent way to promote their grooming. When it feels like their fur is taking over your home, this is one way to combat it. It keeps their loose fur in the brush and not all over the sofa and everywhere else.

Not every cat will instantly love the idea of getting brushed, however. Lay the brush down on the floor to stop it being a threat and let them sniff it to get comfortable with it. Slowly get them used to the idea that they will receive a treat or an early meal when they let you brush their coat. Eventually, they’ll understand the association and go with it. Your vacuum will thank you, too.

Play Games with Your Cat

Even for a cat that isn’t overly playful, they can usually be tempted by a long piece of string, a ball or another cat toy. That’s especially true if they contain catnip, even if they can only smell it but can’t quite get at it.

Playing with your cat is not only fun, but it brings the two of you closer together. You get down to their level and have fun with them. They need some regular daily exercise just like dogs and humans too. This avoids them putting on weight, keeps their heart in good condition and helps their joints stay flexible to jump on chairs or climb up trees.

Helping your favourite four-legged companion to stay healthy and live a long life is the responsibility of the owner. While cats take care of themselves pretty well, there is always more that their owner can do to promote better health. That way, they can be an enjoyable presence around the home for years to come.


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