Holistic Vet Care – Dr. Richard Pitcairn on The Real Dr. Doolittle Show™

Dr. Richard Pitcairn is THE Guru of modern veterinary Homeopathy in the Western Hemisphere.  Since 1992 he has trained almost 500 graduate veterinary doctors in the field of homeopathic medicine and is the force behind the founding of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy in America in 1995.

He founded the Animal Natural Health Center in 1986 as a clinical and teaching center in Eugene, Oregon. It’s dedicated to the understanding and use of homeopathic medicine in the treatment of disease.  He also covers the use of the importance of excellent nutrition using home-prepared & raw foods. In 1995, Dr. Pitcairn co-founded the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, the first professional organization of practicing veterinary homeopaths in the United States.

You will learn:

* How Dr. Pitcairn, one of the leading veterinarians, went from traditional to holistic medicine.

* Why homeopathy is being used very successfully to help with health issues in animals today, and why you should consider this treatment option first.

* Why everyone should have Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs and Cats on their reference shelf now.

* How the different forms of medicine are being utilized today. For instance, allopathic medicine has the goal of eliminating symptoms but does it by suppressing and weakening the patient. When is it good to use allopathic vs. holistic medicine?

* There is also a lot of confusion about proper nutrition. Find out what you should avoid and what is actually very healthy.

For a referral list of veterinarians trained in homeopathy and to purchase your copy of Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs and Cats visit www.drpitcairn.com. Look for Dr. Pritcairn’s articles on vaccinations 


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Absolutely brilliant Dr Richard Pitcairn…….I am not trained officially but have been using homeopathy for myself, my family, my friends if they allow, and of course all the beautiful animals who have shared their lives with me since I first began. I have absolute faith in the method of “getting well”, not just diminishing symptoms. I find it quite challenging, convincing other people how powerful it is. The best I have managed is obliging “Oh well, it can’t hurt I suppose”, to “What did you give your horse that stopped him getting Strangles, when every other horse in the paddock got sick from the virus?”…..I tell them and they take it away and do as they will with the information. Perhaps it just plants a seed that will germinate at some point down the track!…..I really liked your explanation of how it is different to, and therefore not compatible with allopathic medicine in its philosophy. Lucky animals whose caretakers have embraced homeopathy !

Lee Kingston

Thank you for a very interesting interview. I actually used Dr Pitcairn’s original book to provide the best food I could when I got my first toy Poodle about 23 yrs ago. It was wonderful to listen to him discussing both nutrition and homeopathy. The most valuable information for me was about not combining the homeopathic treatments with allopathic. Thank you again.


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