Holistic Vet Shares Vital Pet Care Advice, Dr. Mark Newkirk on the Real Dr Doolittle Show™

Dr. Mark Newkirk is the owner of NEWKIRK FAMILY VETERINARIANS, with offices in Egg Harbor Township and has been taking care of pets in Southern New Jersey since 1981.

Dr. Mark treats dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and exotic pets, and has special interest in alternative medicine. His practice now includes chiropractic, homeopathy, herbal therapies, aqua-puncture, alternative cancer treatments, therapeutic lasers and alternative allergy therapy.

Now Dr. Newkirk is known nationally for his work in alternative medicine. He writes for National Publications, such as Animal Wellness Magazine, has his own radio show and an ever growing list of patients who have been able to stop the steroid and antibiotic merry-go-round and have actually gotten significantly better.

Listen and learn:

* What you should be feeding your pets

* Why vets feel the need to over vaccinate and the dangers in vaccinations

* The difference between holistic medicine for pets and complementary medicine for pets

*Whether steroids for pain in older animals is the only solution

* The cause of the significant and chronic teeth and gum disease problems, and what can you can do about it

* Are pain medications and/or steroids “all there is” for your old pet?

* What about obesity and crash diets for overweight animals?

* Alternative cancer therapy offers hope for a longer, healthier, better ‘end of life’ by adding holistic therapy

*What cutting-edge stem cell therapy is for animals

* What can be done to deal with chronic injury or spinal problems, like hip dysplasia, for animals that need special care or have severe arthritis or for whom the adage “old age is not a disease” applies

To learn more about Dr. Mark Newkirk and the Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association visit http://www.ahvma.org and http://www.newkirkfamilyveterinarians.com/


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