Vet Care Crisis – Dr. Arthur Young on The Real Dr. Doolittle Show™

Dr. Arthur Young is nationally known as a homeopathic veterinary practitioner, lecturer, teacher, and author.  He has studied with such eminent veterinary homeopaths as Drs. Richard Pitcairn, Christina Chambreau, and Don Hamilton. 

He comes to homeopathy with over five decades of experience as a clinician, researcher in contagious diseases of primates, instructor in pathology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. 

He is as an innovator in the application of homeopathic medicines for exotic animals. His metamorphosis from allopathic (conventional) methods and beliefs to homeopathy has been a gradual process. 

A decade ago, his observations—derived from many years of clinical and academic medicine—changed his focus. In his opinion, many health problems in animals have been created by the practice of over-vaccination, persistent use of steroids and antibiotics, and the many grossly deficient commercial diets available.

You will learn:

  • Many alternative health modalities that you may not have know could be applied with great success for your pets. 
  • Why Dr. Young made the move from allopathic medicine to alternative medicine and homeopathy. 
  • A doctor’s experience with allergies, autoimmune diseases, Cushings Disease, designer diseases, food and food defidiency in dogs and cats. 



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