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Want to Choose the Best Feeding Method For Your Dog? Here is How

Feeding your pet is a fundamental aspect of the relationship between a pet owner and their pet. As a key to an animal’s survival, the way they feed pretty much determines their levels of; happiness, health and the entire state of wellness.

Choosing the most appropriate feeding method for your dog may, however, prove to be troublesome given the different challenging factors such as your personal schedule as a pet owner or your dog’s feeding preferences.

Different dogs have different feeding patterns, and their preferential differences usually based on breed, age or initial dog training. The following are the available tips on how to choose the best feeding method for a dog, to help you figure out how best to feed your dog while considering the challenges in your lifestyle as a pet owner.

Free Feeding Method

Are you a dog owner with a busy schedule, and are not always at home? Well, then this is the perfect pet feeding solution in this challenge of your lifestyle. The free feeding method entails, filling your dog’s food bowl, which allows it to feed whenever it feels hungry. This way your dog can feed when you are not around, and you can refill the dish when you get back.

However, this method has challenges of its own. For one, this method limits your dog’s food to only dry food. That is because wet food has the risk of going bad which is a health hazard to your pet just to say the least.

A side bowl filled with plenty of water is a proper recommendation. Another issue is the risk of obesity since some animals have the tendency of eating beyond their full capacity. Also, if you have more than one dog, then this is not the recommendable method for you.

Dogs have a dominating tendency over fellow dogs and having two alone in the house without any supervision; the likely result is the more aggressive one bullying the other one especially over meals.

Scheduled Feeding Method

Now, this is a preferable method if you have a predictable schedule which you abide by well enough to make it home by your dog’s meal time. So, just like the name suggests this method entails feeding your dog at regular and predictable intervals just like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Normally under this approach, the number of meals are three to four a day, standard to avoid either extended periods of hunger or over feeding.

Scheduled feeding method is considered to be a healthier way for your pet since it enables you to control the amount of food your dog eats per meal. That makes it a control method for overeating and ultimate obesity.

Scheduled feeding is applicable in two different versions: One, you can choose to control the time by putting an excess amount of food in the dog’s bowl for ten to twenty minutes which is usually enough for it to feed, then you take away the remaining food. Secondly, you can just put a specific amount of food every time you feed the dog. The recurrence of this feeding method may, however, prove to be tiresome.

The scheduled feeding method is also highly recommended for dogs under prescription drugs. That is because it enables the mixing of the medication to the food at the prescribed intervals, as well as lessening the struggle of giving the medication separately.

Meal Feeding Method

Now, this method is somewhat similar to the scheduled feeding method with the little distinction that the meal feeding method is done specifically when you the pet owner have your meals as well. That makes the number of meals range from two to three. Yes, I can be two; which is during breakfast and dinner. Apart from the other advantages of this method which have mentioned above in the scheduled feeding category, this approach also controls the habit of begging at the dining table which as a pet owner you may have experienced.


In conclusion, it is important to take all considerations in choosing the most appropriate feeding method for your dog. And by all considerations what it is not just the aspect of your convenience but also your dog’s health, age and even breed among other things. If you find it hard to pick one, then it is advisable to visit a veterinarian for guidance.

At some point, you might even have to consider shifting methods with transformations such as age. In the end, whatever tips on how to choose the best feeding method for a dog you pick, do not forget to serve clean water with it at all times.




Guest Post by Brenda Leary http://cuddleyourdogs.com/



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