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When it comes to taking great care of your pets, food is probably number 1 on your list. You may read the ingredients and check the expiry dates on the food you buy for yourself, but are you taking the same care when it comes to what you feed your furry companions? With so much information online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all, that’s why we have combined our most popular and most informative posts in this space.

The Three Leading Causes of Death in Dogs are Cancer, Heart Disease and Kidney Disease. In this article, discover how these diseases are linked to your dog’s diet –

Have you ever bought expired food for your pet? Discover the risks of what might seem like an innocent purchase:

And if you must buy commercial food for your pet, check out how these popular foods rank from great to disastrous:

Learn why cat owners should switch from dry cat food:

Considering  a raw cat food diet for your fur baby? Read this!

Get your most comment pet food questions answers here:

Is your dog food on our Worst Dog Food list? Find out here:

Find out why you may never want to feed your dog pork again:

These foods are hazardous to your pet! Make sure you know what to avoid:

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