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Einstein’s Prayer, Miracles and Burglaries (talk about goosepimples!)

Imagine my dismay when I came home after running errands to interrupt burglars attempting to break into my house!?!

My first hint something was wrong was the mess they left in the garage.  I felt compelled to clean that up, because there were broken bits of glass everywhere and I didn’t want Einstein to cut his feet.  At that point I thought someone had tried to break into the garage through the window but they couldn’t get in because I have it rigged.

Next, I entered the house through the garage and immediately noticed something odd about my security alarm.  It wasn’t working properly.  No siren, no signal, odd.  And Einstein was very upset.

Then, I saw the real damage.  One of my patio doors was busted bad but still hanging on by a thread and amazingly enough the deadbolt was still intact.  Wow. 

My other 2 doors also were damaged and my phones were out.  After calling 911, talking to the phone company, finding an emergency handyman to repair the damage, talking to my neighbor who heard noises, and of course, discussing it with Einstein, it dawned on me with a sense of awe that a major miracle had just occurred. 

In fact, many blessings and miracles!  Let me explain.

> I came home before they got into the house so nothing was stolen and Einstein was unharmed. 

> As I was compelled to clean up the garage, they had time to escape through the yard so there was no dreaded bad encounter.

> My neighbor kept getting distracted and neither she or her dogs come over to get caught in the middle of what could have been a   very dangerous situation.

> The damage was easily and inexpensively repaired, and the upside is my home is even more secure than before.

> Turns out the phone company disconnected my security service over a year ago due to inept technicians, but I didn’t know that.  Now that’s fixed and we’re back online.

> The phone company’s got some ‘splaining to do, and I may even get some free stuff out of it.

Want to know the biggest miracle of all? It’s a doozy.

Einstein has been sad, worried and moping around for weeks.  His appetite was off, and nothing I did was helping.  He didn’t seem to need a vet, but I’d about decided to take him in anyway because it was such a puzzle…

He’d come check on me frequently, gazing at me with those soulful, mournful big brown eyes.  When I’d ask him what was wrong, he told me he was worried about me.  Because I’d been sick with the flu, respiratory and the stomach bug that’s been going around, I thought that he was worried about my health, so I would tell him thanks for your concern but I’m feeling better now. 

But he was still sad, worried and depressed.  So the morning of the attempted B&E, I asked him again, Einstein, what are you so worried about? 

He replied, “What will happen if something bad happens to you?”

It took me aback.  I thought for a moment, and replied that if anything bad happened to me, then he would go live with his Aunt Lesley (who he loves) and her dog Milo, and that I would love him always.  And if I could recover, then he could come live with me again.

He said okay but wasn’t much relieved, was still tense and worried and I had to go. 

Well, when I again spoke with him AFTER the incident, his spirits were elevated for the first time in weeks.

So I asked him to tell me what happened.  He said he’d been having nightmares about something very bad happening to me at home from very bad people, and me getting hurt or worse, even killed.  He said he’d been praying for help, and dreading the day.

He’d foreseen that I would be home sleeping, and bad people would break in and hurt me.  In fact, that could very easily have been the case because while I was out running errands, all I wanted to do was go home and take a nap!  But I kept being guided to do just one more errand, and then just one more, and then the traffic was slow, and then, oh yes, just one more errand… the message was clearly “don’t go home yet”. 

If I’d been here, I would have been napping when they came and the side door would have been open most likely. 

Einstein’s prayer was heard, and the Universe redirected my path out of harm’s way.  And I’m awed and truly grateful.

Remember that your animal’s are wiser than you know, they care about you too, they are connected with Spirit, and some conversations with them will blow your mind.

Much love to you and your furry, hairy, scaly and feathered friends,


“Believe it or not, if it weren’t for your so-called issues, problems, and challenges, there’d be no other way you could become even happier, cooler, and more enlightened than you have ever been before.”  Tallyho, The Universe  www.tut.com

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