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My First TV Show is IN the Can

Pic for Val's personal note_with shadowWow, what a ride! These last 6 months have been overwhelmingly stressful, challenging AND successful. NOW… 

It’s Celebration Time!  As I’d shared in last week’s ezine, last weekend I was at the Pirate’s Cove Mansion filming my first television pilot.  There with 12 Elite Entrepreneurs gathered from all over the world, we had a wonderful time. Here I am after taping with the Hart of Success Mastermind Geniuses who engineered the whole thing, the amazing Stefanie Hartman and Gail Kingsbury. 

Our purpose is to share a heartfelt message that has the potential to change lives… in only 15 minutes. 

My intention is to transform your relationship with animals in a profound positive way by bringing you into the world that I love so dearly.  

My hope is that you will learn how to open the doors to true heart centered communication, and that the experience enriches not just your relationship with animals but with ALL your relationships. 

My prayer is that your senses will expand and the wisdom of the animal kingdom will help you heal, grow and evolve. 

And I’m delighted to report that the intimate audience of experts from all walks of life and who are experts in their respective fields loved it!!  Many came up to me later expressing how much they got out of listening to me speak.  Several who had never actually heard an animal talk to them before DID!  They were moved, inspired and excited.  And that makes me very happy indeed. 

I also have to say, the success of my How to Talk to Animals Courses (Beginning Core and Advanced Topics) have also exceeded my wildest dreams! 

The students are having a fantastic time learning to hear their animal’s voices and what they are discovering is heartwarming, astonishing, and definitely entertaining. 

Pauline said: “This extraordinary Beginning Course truly gave new meaning to my life. It helped me to understand that the animals have been communicating to me continually but my own blocks had kept me from receiving their messages. Val truly widened my vision of how the universe really works. I was able to step out of the box and heal from within. Now when I come across a struggle, I just connect to the deeper understanding and this allows me to move through it effortlessly. It’s very peaceful when we get to this place, I’m the most at peace I’ve been ever in my entire life!” 

Karen said: “The Advanced Topics Course really put it all together for me, building on the Beginning Course.  It took me much deeper to an understanding that most of the problem was ME. Doing the work helped me go down to levels I hadn’t been able to understand so I can work through it. I learned how to listen with my gut and found that I can hear their energy signal! I was finally able to ‘get it’! I learned so many different and invaluable techniques. The Courses have exceeded my expectations!”

I know you’ll love listening and learning from my recent The Real Dr Doolittle™ Show interview with colleague Dr Laurie Moore about reincarnation and reconnecting with loved ones in the afterlife. So be sure to check it out (see below).

In the meantime, if you’re ready to start learning animal communication OR if you’re ready to ADVANCE your skills, then go here and dive in: www.animaltalkcoachingclub.com

Much love to you and your loved ones,


“Nothing is mundane, everything is spiritual, all of life boils down to Spirit.” Robert G Allen, bestselling author of The One Minute Millionaire

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