10 Games that Kids Can Play with Dogs

As kids, having a pet is nothing less than a celebration. Apart from being the physical, emotional, social as well as cognitive boost to children, pets are also a beautiful source of companionship and furry entertainment. Being a smart parent, if you are finding a few games that your kids can play with your dog, you have clicked to the right page. This article will drive you through some interesting games that your kids can play with your dog.

Game #1: Follow me

As the name itself suggests, the game is about letting your puppy follow your kid. However, adding that extra dash of fun, make your dog do that through a couple of obstacles. To take him into the comfort zone, first put your pooch on a leash and when he gets familiar with the ways to move through obstacles, take the leash off.

Game #2: Clean up

Be wise enough and turn the regular chores into a game for your kids and pooches. Ask them to put the toys in the toy box and other items at their right places.

Game #3: Hide and seek

Ask your kids to hide anywhere in the house and let your pet find them. This would undoubtedly be the most intriguing game to play.

Game #4: Frisbees

The Frisbee game between your kids and pets will prove to be an absolute energy booster. It will enrich the agility and the bond between both.

Game #5: Fetching game

Your kids can ask the puppy to fetch things like balls, bones and toys from around.

Game #6: Racing

De facto, running keeps you in super-fine fettle. So, this is a game that is good for both, your kid and the dog, in terms of health. Tip- If your kid is too small; you have to provide complete assistance while they play.

Game #7: Tug-of-war

Requiring utmost prudence and know-how, it is a great game only if your kids are aware about how to begin and end the game. Have your kids to hold one end of the rope and your pet the other end. This builds the body strength of both. Tip- It is recommended for kids older than 10 years of age so that they can be careful and safe.

Game #8: Pet tricks

Teaching their four-legged friends to dance, shake, roll over, howl or kiss is again a fun way for kids to spend quality time with the pets. Accolades, rewards and inspiration are the only methods that lead your pooch to learn and remember tricks.

Game #9: Catch the bubbles

Dogs have a sense that makes them chase anything from a living being to cars and even bubbles. Have your li’ll one blow bubbles asking the dog to catch them. It is a freakish game for kids of 3- 8 years of age. They even offer flavored bubbles these days, which don’t give your Fido an upset stomach.

Game #10: Hide your dog’s treats

If you know about the Easter egg hunt, you don’t require any further details. Just make your child to hide puppy’s treats at several hooks and corners of the house and then encourage your dog to find them. Who would have discovered otherwise, that buying some treats for dogs could be this instrumental, as this activity enriches your dog’s smelling  instincts, problem solving, exploring and analysing potency.

If you love your furry companion, you will always keep dog play fun and upbeat. This enhances your relationship with your pooch.

A pet that is busy and tired with playing is the happiest!

Article courtesy of Lauren, a fellow animal lover.

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