Cat Diets-Everything You Need to Know, Claude West on the Real Dr Doolittle Show

Claude West was raised on a farm with animals of all kinds and has over thirty year’s experience in raising and working with cats. They have taught him a lot about what works and what does not.

Growing up with such a variety of animals gave him many insights and remarkable experiences that you can only get by living so closely and intimately together.

These are his bragging rights and the foundation of his extensive training that he brings to his website, that is dedicated to cat health, diet, and disposition.

His love and passion for felines made it an easy decision for him to start a website that would provide critically needed information about our feline friends, and offer the latest research from other animal experts too.

His site focuses in supporting the local animal shelter and all donations and profits go towards helping unfortunate animals. He has an ongoing passion to do whatever it takes to help them live better quality, happier and healthier lives.

Cat specialist answers these questions:

  • There is a lot of contradictory information out there about the proper diet for cats. What do you think the proper feline diet should be to keep them healthy and boost their immune system?
  • Why should cat lovers consider offering a raw food diet for their cats?
  • What are the steps to switch our kitties over to a healthier diet?
  • Are there other resources to help upgrade our cat’s diet?
  • Why do you say that proper diet is relevant to both cats and dogs as carnivores but is even more critical for feline health?
  • If someone wanted to find out more, what should they do?

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