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Animal Talk Saved This Dog’s Life! Understanding WHY Your Pet is Aggressive is Most of the Battle {Jody’s story}

Last week I worked with a fellow dog lover, trainer and performer, Kim, whose amazing…

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Numerology de-mystified & explained, It is shockingly simple, but can influence your life in more ways than you can imagine.

Numerology & Numbers, they’re fascinating little things aren’t they? Not only are they all around…

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The Professional Animal Communicator Interviews & Mini-Training Series is AWESOME!

This is so COOL! What is it?  Brilliantly fun, inspirational and entertaining interviews on talking…

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Tips on Traveling to Europe with Man’s Best Friend

Traveling to Europe can be tough for dog owners. You spend the whole trip worrying about…

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What About Wally? Divorce and Pets, Steven May & David Pisarra on the Real Dr. Doolittle Show™

From Val: I am SO excited to bring Steven May and Davit T Pisarra’s important…

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KC’s Story: How Animal Communication Can Help An Aging Cat

I was delighted to receive this testimonial from a recent client and she asked that…

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Should you be sharing your bed with your cat?

Ever wonder whether or not it’s a good idea to sleep with your cat? This…

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Animal Communication Interview with Val Heart and Philippa Kingsley

  Welcome to the first Interview in an exciting animal communication training series. Get ready,…

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Animal Communication Interview Training with Val Heart and Guest Nedda Wittels

  HI!  I’m Val Heart of,, and Today we’re talking Animal…

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