Horse Whispering: Animal Communication That Gets Results With Your Horse, Dog or Cat

Although horse whispering has been around for ages, it most recently became a worldwide phenomenon in the mid 1990’s with the bestselling book and block buster movie with Robert Redford called The Horse Whisperer. The term is a colloquial for natural horsemanship. That is, it’s a collective term used to describe a variety of horse training techniques where abusive training methods are rejected. These techniques are unique in that they are very precise and share the general principal of developing a rapport with your horse. This is largely accomplished through animal communication techniques learned from and derived from observing free roaming horses.

Traditional horse training methods typically use unnecessary force. Horse whispering is a radical departure from this ‘traditional’ technique. Users and practitioners focus and relate to the behavior of the horse.  Their goal is to build a trustworthy partnership between animal and rider. In addition to using positive reinforcement training based on horse psychology, the best horse whisperers also know how to communicate with their horses to get the best results possible.

Have you ever tried to communicate with an animal but felt stonewalled?  Did it feel the animals shut you out and didn’t want to talk to you?  Have you experienced being confused by what you think they told you? Or you may have felt like you got stuck in the conversation and were at a loss as to how to proceed?  You know in your heart there is much more to be known and discussed, but you may not have a clue how to get the answers you seek.

That’s because there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about communicating with animals. Even if you are an amateur animal communicator you really can’t afford to make mistakes. Not only is it frustrating to get stuck.  The animal’s health and well-being may depend on your ability to be clear and accurate in hearing their messages to you. That takes practice and continuing education to sharpen your skills. You just need a few more conversational tools in your toolkit!

What kind of results can you get by practicing animal communication successfully and skillfully?  Just imagine the difference it would make to talk to a troubled horse.  If you do it right, your conversation could easily help them blossom to their full potential. Resistant horses have very good, valid reasons for being unable to focus under saddle, in training or in the show ring. When you discover what that is, all manner of possibilities can open up.  The result? Your horse is happily able to perform at peak levels during both practice and competition. When you are able to hear what is really troubling them, health, behavior and training issues can literally melt away…

For instance, a simple chat with a dog who has become dangerous, a worrisome liability to their people, could again become a loving, valued member of the family.  You could find out what happened to make a cat feel wracked with pain and barely able to move.  From your conversation, you could discover what caused them to hurt so badly.  There is often healing and relief simply in the telling and witnessing of an animal’s traumatic story.  Then the kitty can tell you what helps them feel better and what makes them worse.  Through your discussion, you could together explore natural pain relief therapies and allopathic, traditional approaches.  Your cat can become her/his joyful, playful self again.

These outcomes are not just possible. They are common when you are able to tap into the spiritual connection between you and communicate with your horse or any animal. These results are possible often just from enjoying a successful conversation with them. However, this is a touchy feely kind of skill.  Your success greatly depends on your dedication to developing your intuition and clearing any internal emotional or mental clutter. You need to train yourself to be sensitive in the right ways to approach an animal, and what not to do.

You must be able to connect with other beings confidently and stay in the conversation no matter what happens or what they tell you.  Finally you should be uber familiar with how this skill works best for you at any time and with any animal. Everyone is different, but we all fundamentally have one of three main ways of connecting, sending and receiving information energetically: clairaudient, clairsentient, or clairvoyant. You are born with these skills.  Everyone has these three abilities, but usually one or more will be dominant. Your job is to know what your primary way of connecting is, and be able to use it well and wisely when needed.  The others can be developed with work, time and practice.

Whether you’re just hanging out with your horse enjoying the day together, when there’s an emergency situation, or you are faced with an animal who is trying desperately to tell you something important, you need to be confident in guiding the conversation to the get to the vital information quickly.  First, to do this well, you need to have achieved a basic foundation of competency.  You must be able to connect, feel and hear an animal’s messages to you. Don’t worry if you are not receiving long eloquent messages!  If you can feel them and get glimpses of what they are emoting or thinking, then that’s a good place to start.

Next, it’s time to build on your skills so you can enjoy successful communication interactions.  Your goal is to easily communicate with every animal every time no matter what the situation is.  Whatever they tell you, you will need to know how to guide the conversation to get the best result possible.  Doing that really well can change your life.  It will also help you improve the lives of the animals you connect with.

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Author: Val Heart is a leading animal communication expert, speaker, bestselling author & master healer. Val is often called The Real Life Dr Doolittle™ and Animal Communicator to the Stars. Author of the bestselling book Don’t Screw Up Your Dog!, she is also the Founder of The HEART System™ for solving problems with pet and the Heart Catalyst for underperforming show horses to achieve their true potential. Learn how to talk to animals yourself! Get your free Quickstart to Animal Talk Course.


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