Please Do Not Feed the Bears by Mingo Morvin

Hey gang, its that time of the year again – beware of the bears!

Just a quick reminder to all that will be traveling through bear country this summer. Enjoy the forests, be careful with fire, and please do not feed the bears.

The bears are out and about and looking for that ‘pickanick a basket’. The bears are more than willing to accept that tuna sandwich or Big Mack and fries rather than eating tubers, insects and grasses.

Please remember that when YOU donate that tuna sandwich it will lead to more behavioral problems with this food habituated bear and will ultimately cost the bear his life. And it all starts with that first individual that thinks it is cute to start this feeding process.

So please, when traveling to bear country feed yourself and not the wild animals. They do quite well on their own.  do not feed the bears

While you are traveling through bear country, slow down a bit and enjoy the wilderness that you are traveling through.

Checkout the flowers and trees.

If you are in a conifer/hardwood mixed forest see if you can find a high point that overlooks this forest. Marvel at the pure numbers of greens in this forest mix.

I was amazed when I first saw this and am still in awe of the hues of green in a forest. So much to see and appreciate out there.

Enjoy the forests, be careful with fire and please do not feed the bears.

Enjoy your travels.

Mingo and Attu

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Author:  Mingo Morvin is a multi-faceted adventurer, rock and ice climber, kayaker, wildlife photographer, author, and animal researcher. Through Bears Unlimited, Mingo has combined his love of the outdoors and animals with his adventurous spirit to form an environmentally and socially conscious organization dedicated to the protecting and preserving the lands and animals that inhabit our planet.


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