Considerations in Caring for Canines

Jordan Walker is one of the few people who have genuine interest and love for animals. He has been fueling his work as the lead content curator for Coops and Cages. He is fond of making sure that all animals, especially pets, get the care that they deserve from their human primary caregivers. In this post, he talks about the considerations in caring for canines in general.

Dogs are great companions and family members. They are loyal and loving, especially when they get the right amount of care and attention from their humans. Once a family or an individual incorporates a dog into the mix, there is a higher sense of responsibility. Dogs need daily guidance. They require the help of their owners to acquire a fit body and a stable mind.

Pet health should always be seen beyond the veterinarian’s office and the daily diet. It should include the fostering of socialized behavior, which can be brought about by patience, the right approach, and constant training.

The Right Protection


Protecting the family dog includes the following measures:

Rabies vaccination. The dog should have rabies vaccination for everyone’s safety. Coordinate with the vet with regard to this matter. A rabies tag will then be attached to the dog’s collar.

Leash use. This tool should always be used when the owner when the dog is taken outside the house. It is part of keeping the dog under control at all times.

Proper Identification. Giving the dog a proper ID tag, a collar, and a microchip will definitely help protect the canine from being lost. The ID tag should have the owner’s telephone number, address, and name. A licensed veterinarian should be the one to microchip the dog. This microchip ID ensures that the dog will be returned to the owner, even if the collar or ID tag comes off. Once scanned, the owner’s details will be acquired, resulting in the immediate return of the lost dog.

Constant companionship. The dog should not be left alone outside the home for hours. Proper shelter should be given outside if it is only for a few hours, but the dog should still be with the human guardian most of the day.

The Right Health and Nutrition

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Caring for the canine companion‘s health should include the following:

Neutering or spaying. Part of proper health is neutering or spaying the dog. These procedures make the furry member of the family live longer and behave better. They also help control the overall pet population.

Regular vet check-ups. Choose a reliable vet. The dog should be brought to the vet regularly to maintain good health.

Good food, clean water, and supplements. Like humans, dogs need the right quantity and quality of food. The owners should also give all-day access to clean water. Health supplements should be given, to prevent malnutrition or deficiencies.

Regular exercise and baths. Walking, agility training, and hiking are only some of the ways owners can exercise their dogs. With proper exercise, the dog keeps fit in mind and body. Bathing and grooming should also be a priority. This prevents skin problems and parasite infestation.

The Right Education

Giving the dog the right knowledge involves the following:

Enrolment in training classes. Controlling the dog is important. Through training classes, dogs recognize the importance of submitting to their owners and getting along with other people and other animals. Classes like this also present an opportunity for owner-dog bonding.

Patience and love. The owner should also provide patience and love, so that the dog learns well at his or her own pace. Remember that just like people, dogs are individuals. They have individual needs, especially when they start to learn things. It is the owner’s responsibility to instill positive reinforcement, so that the dog can learn that doing tasks and tricks is fun and rewarding.

The health of a dog depends on the person who provides care. Dogs should not be acquired and then locked up in a cage, forgotten the entire day. They should receive proper care to help them become better companions.

Author: Jordan Walker

Jordan’s love and interest in animals make him a great lead content curator for Coops and Cages. He is also a music lover, evident in his guitar playing. Reach him through his Twitter and Google+ accounts.

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