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Animal Talk: Top 24 Dog and Cat Health Conditions Animal Communication Can Help With Including Cat Skin Conditions

By Val Heart

You think everything is fine with your cat or dog, but is it really? How would you know for sure unless you are able to communicate with them directly to find out how they are really feeling? After all, who better can tell you how they really feel, if they are in pain, are experiencing loss of vision or hearing, are feeling stressed, depressed or have a headache or a toothache?

They seem to be okay so you go on about your life. Then one day, your furry companion won’t eat, acts depressed, vomits, shows signs of cat skin conditions or whimpers in pain. Without the skill of animal communication so you can find out straight away what’s wrong and take the appropriate action, you simply can’t know exactly what the real problem is, where the pain or discomfort is coming from, how long whatever is wrong has been going on, what contributes to the problem or what makes it better, or even how best to help them.

It’s also hard to know if this requires “drop everything and race in an emergency trip to the ER”, or if you can wait for a scheduled visit to the vet at your earliest convenience. Maybe you pray that they can wait a bit so you can take off work to go, and then spend the entire time worrying about whether you’ve made the right decision or not.

Then when you get to the vet, sometimes they will run expensive tests and still not know what exactly is wrong. I call that doing a lot of expensive guesswork, chasing your tail all the while emptying your pocketbook. And, your pet is no better off and is now stressed on top of feeling ill or in pain.

The beauty of knowing how to talk with animals is that you can find out in the moment what is going on for them, and they can even help you decide what the best course of action is.

Animal communication helps with every aspect of healthcare, from finding out how the animal is really feeling, where the pain is coming from, and what helps or doesn’t help them recover. Talking with your dog or cat also helps them know what to expect from their vet visit because you can explain what will happen, answer their questions or concerns, and give them confidence so they can cope better with less stress from the experience. Even simple procedures like cleaning dogs teeth can be less stressful if explained to your dog(s) beforehand.

Telling your vet what your pet is feeling helps them be more effective in their work, thereby wasting less of their time (and your money) on testing and procedure protocols.

What health conditions can you discover just by talking with animals? The list is seemingly endless and includes:

1. Skin allergies*
2. Ear infections*
3. Skin infections*
4. Non-cancerous skin growth*
5. Upset stomach/vomiting*
6. Arthritis*
7. Intestinal upset/diarrhea*
8. Bladder infection*
9. Periodontitis/dental disease*
10. Bruise or contusion*
11. Overactive thyroid*
12. Chronic kidney disease*
13. Diabetes*
14. Skin allergies*
15. Lymphosarcoma (cancer of lymph node) *
16. Upper respiratory infection*
17. Vision problems
18. Hearing loss
19. Headaches
20. Heart disease
21. Viral or bacterial illnesses
22. Parasitic infections
23. Food sensitivities
24. Spinal misalignments

Imagine what a simple conversation with your animal could reveal?

If you’d like to learn more about how to talk with your pet, pick up your free copy of Hidden Secrets to Communicating with pets here https://www.learnhowtotalktoanimals.com/

* According to Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) America’s largest pet insurer, the top 10 health problems in 2012 for dogs and cats.

Val Heart Expert Animal CommunicatorAbout the Author:
Ready to learn how to communicate with animals yourself? Check out the Animal Talk Coaching Club at animaltalkcoachingclub.com Internationally known, Val Heart is called The Real Dr Doolittle and the Animal Communicator to the Stars. Creator of The H.E.A.R.T. System™ for Solving Problems With Animals, she has appeared on television many times, is a frequent and welcome guest on radio, as well as having been showcased in newspapers, journals and magazines. Visit Val at valheart.com or contact her at [email protected]


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