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How to Talk to Animals – Animal Communication Training Series with Val Heart and Nedda Wittles

The second guest interview in my How to Talk to Animals – Animal Communication Training Series is with animal communicator, Nedda Wittels.

Nedda works with higher guidance to facilitate transformations and solutions for her clients, both human and animal.  Her approach is heart-centered and compassionate, seeking win/win solutions for all concerned.  Nedda is gifted at identifying the key elements and critical nexus points in each situation.  When these are identified, unraveled, and healed, clients can find and restore their personal power.

It is our mission to make telepathic communication with animals and all other life forms as natural as breathing.  In our conversation, she will explain why she believes this is possible, and how you may already be receiving telepathically from your animals.

We want everyone to know that you can remember your telepathic ability to communicate with animals because it’s “as natural as breathing.”

Come join the fun!  Register for the entire interview series so you don’t miss anything at:  https://learnhowtotalktoanimals.com/professional-animal-communicator-interview-series/


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