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Angel With A Tail by Wyndi Warren

The greatest beauty is found in the hearts of those who love, but how do you cope with the losing the one you love?

In the memorable Angel With A Tail, Wyndi Warren retraces her wonderful journey with Sabre, an amazing German Shepherd, the dog she dreamed of from childhood. He became her cherished angel with a tail. He taught her to be a better person and drew many people and other animals to him with his engaging personality. No one suspected their blissful happiness would ever fade away.

Sabre developed Degenerative Myelopathy, a fatal disease that affects many other breeds today. His struggle left a lasting legacy that guides others from a shocking first awareness to a final celebration of life now and forever after. Enjoy his inspiring story and share the extraordinary tale with someone you love.

After a forty-year career that led her from counseling and consulting with police departments to landscape design, author Wendy Warren embarked on an incredible new career in writing. From showing and training German Shepherds, she offers her voice in the fight against Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), a fatal disease that affects not only dogs but the people who love them. Wyndi’s first book, Angel With a Tail, has touched many with an inspiring story of  love and determination triumphing through adversity. Wyndi Warren lives in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Write Wyndi at: [email protected], visit www.angelwithatail.com 

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