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7 Essentials to Keep in Your Dog’s First Aid Kit

If you have a pet dog at home, you must be aware of his playfulness. Preparing your dog’s first aid kit and keeping it with you while traveling just like you carry one for yourself is vital if you want to keep your pet safe and well.

You can add a few essentials for the dog in your own first aid kit, or you can also buy the first aid kit that is specifically made for pets, available at pet stores easily.

This article will help you in assembling the first aid kit for your dog with the all items that are a must-add, and they will come to rescue in case of any emergency. You will no longer need to keep your dog sit in one place like a good boy!

Following is the list that you need to take to the pharmacy with you:


Gauze pads and bandages are essential items to be kept in every first aid kit, either it is yours or your dog’s because they are used for a broad range of wounds. They do not stick to the burns and also let the skin breathe, protecting the wound from the outer atmosphere so that it does not get infected.

Moreover, if your dog chews his bandage, make sure you buy a special dressing that has a bitter taste and prevents the dog from chewing it off.


Cotton swabs are small sticks with cotton on both ends, which are used for a broad range of purposes. Keeping them in your dog’s first aid kit is essential because the cotton swab may help you in the easy application of antibiotic ointments and other cleaning formulas.


Antibiotic ointments are the most important item to be kept in your first aid kit because they will help you to treat almost every sort of wound or burn your dog gets in an emergency.


Whether you are putting a bandage on your dog’s arm, or you apply a medical tape after the dressing, you need a pair of scissors to cut the bandage, medical tape and many other types of fabric when you are in an emergency, and you cannot afford any delays. Therefore, having a pair of scissors in the first aid kit of your dog will come in handy at all emergency conditions.


Applying an ice pack to the injuries of your dog will immediately calm him down and reduce the pain and any swelling in a much faster way. It will also cause the wound to heal quickly.


You must also keep a rectal thermometer in your dog’s first aid kit so that you can keep monitoring his temperature in the case of an injury or cold that your dog has caught. Make sure your dog’s temperature does not rise above 103 °F or fall below 100°F.


You must also keep a pet carrier in your first aid kit. In case your dog hurts his arm or finds it hard to walk due to some injury or burn, a pet carrier would act as a lifesaver for your dog and you both.



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This post was written by Beth Martel.
She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian.
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