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5 Ways Cats Show Affection

Many people believe that cats are aloof and that they don’t like affection from their owners. Though they are very different from their extroverted canine counterparts, the belief that cats don’t show affection could not be farther from the truth. Cats have their own special way of giving love to their owners. Here are 5 ways that cats show affection.

1) Purring

Purring is the most common way cats show that they are happy. They create vibrations out of their throat to make a noise like a little motor. Some cats purr louder than others, but purring is universal among all cat breeds. The more your cat purrs, the happier they are!

However, purring also can be a sign your cat is hurt or uncomfortable. This is an uncommon response though. You should be able to tell the difference between this and when your cat is purring because you are petting them. If you suspect your cat may be in pain as they purr, take them to the vet right away!

2) Head Butting

AffectionIf you’ve ever walked around your house, only for your cat to ram their head into your legs, they are showing their love for you! Head butting shows that your cat trusts you.

When they head butt you, they are not only trying to get your attention, they are also leaving their pheromones from their head on you to mark their territory. They are showing that you are special to them in a way you won’t even be able to perceive on your own, but other cats will definitely recognize it.

3) Following You Around

Some cats like to follow their owners wherever they go, and they don’t like to be away from their owners at all! They can follow you through the house and meow when you shut them out of rooms, even in the bathroom. Though this can sometimes get in the way of the things you do, like your chores, your cat just wants you to know that they love you and want to be your constant companion.

Your cat may also want to sleep next to you, and lie on your lap at every opportunity. You should take these as signs that they trust you enough to be close to you!

4) Kneading

Cats start to knead when they are baby kittens, as they drink milk from their mothers. As they get older, they might knead their paws on you or on other soft items, like a person might knead bread. When your cat is kneading on you, they just want you to know you make them feel comfortable. Just make sure you cut your cats claws down, so it doesn’t hurt when they knead you!

5) Bringing You Gifts

Cats are hunters by nature, so they provide for themselves and others by killing other small animals. As a sign of affection, they might bring you the fruits of their hunt or hide it in a special place for you to find.

Though many people (understandably) do not like having a freshly killed rat brought to them, your cat just wants you to enjoy a special meal they caught just for you. If your cat brings you a gift, just know that they are providing for you in the most practical way they know how.

In Conclusion

Most cats are much more independent than dogs, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t like to be around humans or that they require less love! Make sure you show your appreciation for your cat by giving them treats, petting them, and playing with them as often as possible. They will repay your love by purring, head butting you, following you, kneading you, and bringing you special gifts.


Photo by Buenosia Carol from Pexels

Photo by Matteo Petralli from Pexels

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