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Use Technology to Help Your Pudgy Pet Lose Weight

Like humans, pets struggle with weight gain, and obesity is a common problem. An estimated 54 percent of dogs and cats face obesity in the United States, claims research from the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention. Owners can help their furry friends by using technology to monitor their weight and find ways to help them lose extra pounds.

Recognizing Weight Gain

Sometimes it is difficult to determine if your pet’s weight gain is unhealthy or if those added pounds are a natural sign of aging or to keep warm in the winter. Here are some ways to monitor your pets:

  • Schedule regular checkups at the veterinarian to make sure your pet’s weight is in a normal range and there aren’t any other health risks.
  • If your dog isn’t playing fetch or your cat can’t jump as high, their movements might be restricted because of the extra weight, so take notice of their activities
  • With any change in weight, you might notice a fuller face or shape in your pets. For a quick check, run your hands across their rib cage. If you can’t feel their ribs, then it is a certain sign they have gained extra pounds.

BMI Calculators

Measuring the body mass of your pet will help you know whether or not the weight gain is too much for his or her body frame. You can calculate BMI index online at petsci.com. There also is a calculator to determine how many calories your cat should ingest to maintain a healthy weight.

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

A useful way to measure your dog’s daily activity and track its movements is through the FitBark Dog Activity Monitor. The monitor fits dogs of every size and tracks your pet’s movements and behavior. It then sends this information to your Android smartphone for you to keep track of.


Voyce is an electronic collar equipped to measure your dog’s heart and respiration rate so you can track your dog’s long-term health. It monitors key vital signs and stores medical records for your canine friend. You also can set individualized goals targeting your dog’s target weight. It also measures how much rest your dog is receiving because not getting enough downtime could impede your dog’s weight-loss goals.


Do you want to monitor how active your pet is while you are gone? The iCam allows you to watch what your dog or cat is doing via your smartphone. With this extra knowledge, you can decide if you need to spend extra time playing with your furry friend to keep up the weight loss.


Do you want to make your pet’s weight loss fun and interactive? Petmobi allows you to interact with others who have pets and similar goals. In addition to a social network, there is an exercise and calorie tracker. You can post pictures of your pet and a status update for your most recent activity. Connecting with others over similar goals is healthy for both you and your pet.

With the aid of technology, there is no reason why you can’t help your furry friend shed a few pounds. Tech tools, interaction and user-friendly options will make it easier for your pet to maintain a healthy weight.

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