Urban Shamanism – Keith Varnum 2 Part talk on The Real Dr. Doolittle Show™

A vibrant filmmaker in college, at the tender age of 19, Keith Varnum went totally blind before he could launch out on his own. The prognosis of Western doctors that Keith would be blind for the rest of his life catapulted him into the adventure of his life!

On this journey, he studied with medicine men, shaman, Hawaii Kahuna, and Eastern spiritual masters, regained his eyesight, and discovered the secrets of all healing, transformation, and success.

Keith has tested these practical secrets in his 35-year career as an author, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Life Coach, Vision Quest guide, acupuncturist, sound healer, radio host, and vice-president of a multi-million dollar company. When not exploring consciousness in the canyons of Arizona, Keith travels around the world assisting people to open to life’s wonders and surprises in his Dream Workshops.

Listen to our interview and you’ll gain a vibrant and accurate feeling for what shamanism is about and how it can help a person in their life journey.

We discussed:

* What is shamanism?

* How does a shaman practice?

* How does a shaman assist you in freeing your emotional and physical energy?

* What is shamanic journeying?

* What is a power animal?

* What is soul retrieval?

* What is the social role of the shaman?

* What is the purpose of shamanic ecstasy?

* What is the role of crisis and trauma in the development of a shaman?

* What is the relationship between shamanic traditions and culture?

* What is the origin of the term “shamanism?”

* How does one become a shaman?

The first part of our interview helped us discover what shamanism is about and how it can help a person in their life journey.

Because I recently lost the vision in one eye and am working to regain my sight, I wanted to know a lot more about how he regained his sight and health.  So he shared some of the fascinating techniques and insights he’s learned. I was so fascinated I had to know more, so we just kept on talking as Keith graciously shared more of his personal journey, and what he’s learned about the art and heart of healing.

This is Part Two of our conversation.  I’ve gone on to use what he taught me in my work with my clients, their animals as well as my own, and with communicating with animals with great results. And, my sight is improving day by day.


For more information, contact Keith by visiting his website at www.TheDream.com or email him [email protected] call 800.736.7367

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