Unadoptable? We don’t think so!

Mickey, whose rigid gait had all the vets guessing what has him so stiff, is now being sufficiently spoiled by his new mom!

April, a mare who came to us half-starved and severely wounded, went home just two short months later!Cash the cat waited 19 years to find his perfect home and it was totally worth the wait!

More than 40 birds from Parrot Garden hit the jackpot, finding their happy endings!

And to think, someone thought it couldn’t happen because they are in such bad shape
Good thing you thought differently! Thanks to you, these animals are just a few of the hundreds who overcame obstacles and landed in a new, loving family last year. Indeed, more than 700 special-needs animals found homes in 2009!

They are also perfect examples of why your membership is so important not just to us but to the futures of so many more animals who will come to the sanctuary over the next year. We hope you will renew your membership and continue to watch as new life blooms in each of these precious souls.

Because that’s the real magic of Best Friends Animal Society. We look forward to another year of making magic together.

For all that you do for animals, thank you.

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