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Dogs have a basic need for the company of other dogs in order to be whole, balanced and happy.  Dog parks can be great places to socialize your dog or growing puppy.  Letting doggies off leash to romp and stomp and play games together is an excellent way for well behaved canines to let off steam.   After all, no matter how loving or how well we humans connect and communicate with dogs, we will never know what it’s truly like to be a dog.  We simply can’t romp on all fours with the best of them!  And no matter how well we can “speak dog talk”, it’s just not the same.  We are simply different species, there’s no getting around that.  What makes perfectly good sense to another dog may never make good sense to a human.

Dog parks should be well maintained and accessible.  They should enforce strict adherence to the rules.  They should be clean and provide lots of canine stimulation opportunities.  Because not all dogs are happily or properly socialized, it’s important to be a good watchdog (pun intended) to keep your pet and others safe.  You want to create a happy experience for all the dogs.  And you never know who you might meet up with either!  New human friendships can go hand in paw with new dog friends too.

However, not all dog parks are rated equally.  I hope you have a great dog park close by that is safe, friendly, and well managed. For dog lovers in the southeast corner of these United States of America, you have these top 10 locally rated dog parks available. They are worthy of a visit.  Check them out!  They are a bit too far for my not-so-Miniature Schnauzer Einstein and I to visit, so let us know what you think, okay?  Enjoy!

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Great post.Thank you for sharing.

Great post.Thank you for sharing.

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